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      FRLN Surges Following News of 63% Stake by Syncona Portfolio - Stocks Telegraph

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      March 28, 2022

      5:00 AM UTC

      FRLN Surges Following News of 63% Stake by Syncona Portfolio - Stocks Telegraph

      After slight disappointment on Friday falling 2.6%, Freeline Therapeutics Holdings plc (NASDAQ: FRLN) brought remarkable surprise during the weekend afterhours. In less than an hour, following the close of trade on Friday, FRLN shot up from $1.12 to a whopping $1.41. This growth surge was surprisingly maintained throughout the weekend, with the price stabilizing at 22.3% above Friday’s closing price of $1.12. Market participants have been eyeing the movements of the biotech stock especially closely, given its impressive rise throughout last week. Anticipation remains high for today’s trade session, with market onlookers expecting an even more impressive growth surge in current-market hours.

      Sec 13D Filing of FRLN by Syncona Portfolio Limited

      The trigger event that directly links to the sudden surge of FRLN price relates to an unexpected section 13D filing. This submission to the SEC, by a UK-based life science investment firm, indicates a mammoth 63% stake within the company. As a result of the revelation, the market has been quick to spring into action and acquire a share in FRLN stock. Syncona carries out meticulous pharmaceutical risk analysis, based on its industry-specific models devised for inclusion within its high-potential portfolio.

      The move clearly adds a high degree of credibility to FRLN, emphasizing its growth potential, as is evident by the sheer portion of shareholding. Moreover, being a controlling stake, the market anticipates synergistic benefit realization and associated growth and profitability relating to FRLN stock. Additionally, Syncona offers as a result of its scale, access to industrial expertise, academic networks, and finances. Each of these core strengths promises a potential boost to Freeline’s existing pipeline of candidates, enhancing the probability of success.

      Freeline’s Potential Pipeline and Prospects

      Just a day before the 13D filing, Freeline also made the news, with a positive breakthrough. The company delivered an update on its FLT190 candidate, aiming to treat Fabry disease. Milestones had been adjusted on the basis of positive progress, on the basis of which management remained highly confident. Data findings from the studies show highly consistent and pointed at high levels of safety and efficacy levels. Moreover, the Data Monitoring Committee along with other regulators has given Freeline the greenlight to proceed.

      Similarly, at the start of the year, FRLN surged in price following a go-ahead to initiate clinical trials on FLT201. The candidate aims to treat Type 1 Gaucher disease, a hereditary disorder impacting multiple biological systems.


      FRLN surged over the weekend following a section 13D revelation, indicating a 63% stake by Syncona Portfolio. The news brings confidence to Freeline’s potential pipeline, of which two major candidates hold the regulatory clearance to proceed.

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