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      GAN Limited: A Stellar Show Among Premarket Movers

      By Hasnain R

      Published on

      November 8, 2023

      10:14 AM UTC

      GAN Limited: A Stellar Show Among Premarket Movers

      GAN Limited (NASDAQ: GAN) is a leading technology provider of real money internet gaming solutions in North America and a prominent international operator of Internet sports betting. It has recently gained the attention of market participants due to its considerable premarket activity.

      The Premarket Phenomenon

      GAN Limited has been one of the key US stock premarket movers, with a significant trading volume of 926.47 million shares. This was complemented by an impressive pre-market change of 0.8682 USD, representing a whopping increase of 97.35%. The stock also exhibited a pre-market gap of 21.10%, signaling heightened market interest.

      Market Participation During Regular Hours

      Despite the initial surge during pre-market hours, GAN experienced a slight dip in the last regular trading session. The price edged down to 0.8918 USD, marking a change of -0.90%. However, the trading volume during regular hours was still notable, reaching 119.705 million shares. This highlights the strong market participation that GAN has been able to attract.

      Market Capitalization Snapshot

      GAN Limited’s current market capitalization stands at 39.848 million USD. However, over the past year, the company’s performance has faced challenges with a -40.27% decline. This underlines the dynamic nature of GAN stock and the stock’s recent activity.

      Merging Prospects: GAN and Sega Sammy Creation Inc.

      GAN has recently finalized a merger deal with Sega Sammy Creation Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sega Sammy Holdings, Inc.

      Upon the merger’s completion, each of GAN’s issued ordinary shares will be converted into the right to receive $1.97 per share in cash, signifying a noteworthy premium of 121% over the closing price of GAN’s ordinary shares on November 7, 2023.

      The Way Forward

      The potential merger will be contingent upon the endorsement of GAN’s shareholders. The company will seek the approval of its shareholders through a vote on the Merger Agreement during a Special Meeting of Shareholders.

      If approved, all outstanding GAN ordinary shares will be acquired for $1.97 per share in cash. Consequently, GAN will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of SSC.


      Concluding Thoughts

      GAN Limited’s substantial pre-market activity and its impending merger with Sega Sammy Creation Inc. make it a stock to watch among the premarket movers.

      Despite some volatility in the stock’s recent activity, the company’s strategic moves and robust market participation signify its potential for future growth.


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