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    Hot Airdrops to Look for this Week: Eizper Chain, Bonq, Lend Flare, RealMe

    By Ammar Mukhtar

    May 24,2022

    9:14 AM UTC

    Here are a number of free airdrops that you can claim:

    Eizper Chain

    • Visit the Eizper Chain giveaway page.
    • Present your subtleties and sign up.
    • Presently complete the basic assignments to procure entries.
    • Likewise, procure more entries for alluding to your companions.
    • A sum of 250 members will be chosen at random to win $20 worth of EIZ each.
    • The prizes will be dispersed after TGE.


    • Visit the Energy Web marking page.
    • Associate your Metamask wallet and change the organization to Energy Web.
    • Presently stake your EWT coins. You can purchase EWT from KuCoin.
    • Bonq is a convention based on the Energy Web blockchain. Almost certainly, Bonq will do an airdrop to EWT stakers once the token is sent off.

    Lend Flare

    • Visit the Lend Flare airdrop guarantee page.
    • Associate your ETH wallet.
    • On the off chance that you’re qualified, you will actually want to guarantee free LFT.
    • Clients who had veCRV and vlCVX by the preview date are qualified and guaranteed free airdrop.


    • Visit the RealMe Airdrop Form.
    • Follow them on Twitter and statement tweet the stuck tweet utilizing the hashtags #Realmeairdrop #Realmearmy and furthermore label somewhere around 3 companions.
    • Join their Discord direct and express welcome in the General Chat Channel under #community.
    • Follow them on Instagram and like, and remark on their new post.
    • Present your subtleties to the airdrop page.
    • Enter your email on their site.
    • A sum of 100 members will be chosen at random to win $100 worth of RLMT tokens.

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