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      ICO and Airdrop Opportunities - Stocks Telegraph

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      December 14, 2022

      7:26 AM UTC

      Last Updated on

      December 14, 2022

      7:26 AM UTC

      ICO and Airdrop Opportunities - Stocks Telegraph

      Active ICOs


      The blockchain service, MTG, is currently having its ICO takes place, and has an additional 8 days to meet its fundraising target. This project essentially introduces burn tokenomics and meme tokens to the highly popular domain of move-to-earn applications.

      Anyone using the MTG service is automatically pooled into a lottery pot, with 1% of every transaction dedicated to the winning fund. 10 lucky wallets are branded winners each week, giving all holders the opportunity to try out their luck on a regular basis, in addition to the existing utility of MTG.


      The ICO for Immunify.Life (IMM) is now active and will continue its offering throughout the month. It has already raised a sum of almost $2.2 million, which is far above its $300,000 target.

      Immunify.Life envisions a revolution to the existing healthcare system, which it seeks to empower by data on the blockchain. The concept is essentially self-sustaining, as well as transformative while being fully functional through AI tools. What is most impressive about the project is its ability to eliminate geopolitical barriers to healthcare, via the use of identification NFTs.


      Another exciting opportunity in the realm of NFTs, which have just become active, is that of NFT3 (ISME), aiming to establish itself as Web3’s first unified virtual identity network. Holding a means to unified identity across each of the layers of Web3 applications ensures a range of benefits, including personal monetization.

      NFT3 is extremely promising, and offers a pathway to the first functional and established web3 world passport. This, using DID capabilities, incorporates the user’s credit scores into one’s virtual identity, all while ensuring the anonymity that is inherent to the blockchain.

      Upcoming ICOs

      5ire ICO

      5ire is an impending ICO that is causing a stir in the market. It is likely to take place in the next couple of days and has already an astonishing $221 million. The project symbolizes the 5th wave of the industrial revolution and thus is enjoying incredible hype throughout the market.

      As a blockchain network, 5ire enables its users to capitalize on web3 systems in an unprecedented manner. Using its technology, members can generate tokens that are both fungible and non-fungible in nature without having to compromise upon process sustainability. The naming service it presents is one-of-a-kind, which, together with its signature functionality, enhances its market favorability.

      Medieval Empires

      Another approaching ICO to keep on one’s radar is that of Medieval Empires (MEE), which has created quite a stir in the cryptocurrency industry. The extreme amount of enthusiasm around it is evident by the fact that it has already generated $3.68 million in token sales, compared to its initial target of merely $300,000, even before the ICO has begun. Owing to this early success, the target for the project was raised up to $4.8 million, which is likely to be crushed upon initiation of the offering.

      Medieval Empires, as the name indicates, is situated in a historical universe where players may create, conquer, and thrive. The opportunities for on-chain gamification are endless, and the physical and digital NFTs inside the ecosystem substantially improve the game’s attractiveness.

      Re:water ICO

      The Re:water (WTR) is yet another that is likely to get the market bulls activated, given the appeal it already enjoys. The project aims to establish, a multi-staking platform that is the first of its kind, enabling its users to work with all forms of decentralized assets and thus combining all economic rewards. These are likely to come from a variety of social gamification mechanics.

      When a user stakes on re:water, they see a charge of a standard melting rate, which in turn will deliver them with WTR and all its liquidity benefits.

      Ended ICOs

      Oasys ICO

      The ICO for Oasys ended with a bang, last week, after managing to successfully raise a whopping sum of $21 million. Part of the success in fundraising comes due to the promise this gaming-oriented public blockchain platform offers to its users.

      The development team comprises of some of the top minds of the Japanese gaming industry and hence comes as a big deal to the market, amid countless hyped-up names selling empty promises. The Oasys architecture enables high-performance gaming with zero gas fees, making it ideal for the future of blockchain gaming.

      Hottest Airdrops

      ZKasino Airdrop       

      1. Enter the ZKasino testnet website.
      2. Sync your Metamask wallet to the platform.
      3. Switch to the Polygon, Arbitrum, zkSync, or Fantom testnet.
      4. Next, select “Request and tweet” to acquire testnet tokens.
      5. Then choose “Mint” to create ZKUSD (ZKasino USD) to use in the games.
      6. Now, go to “Explore games” and start playing various games.
      7. ZKasino announced the creation of its own token, “ZKAS,” and early participants who performed testnet acts may be eligible for an airdrop when the token sees release.

      GoCrypto Airdrop

      1. Go to the GoCrypto giveaway page to enter.
      2. Enter your information and join.
      3. Performing basic activities now earns you entries.
      4. Earn additional entries for each referral as well.
      5. A total of 50 contestants will enter the pool at random to receive $10 in GOC.
      6. On December 19th, the winners will be revealed in their Telegram group and on Twitter.

       Uniswap App Airdrop

      1. Go to the Uniswap app.
      2. Link your Ethereum (ETH) wallet.
      3. If your wallet gains approval following inspection, a “UNI has arrived” notification will appear on your screen.
      4. Click “Claim your tokens” to complete your claim. Remember to set your gas price limit to ‘high’
      5. See this page for more details on this airdrop.

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