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      ICO Updates and Hottest Airdrop Opportunities This Week - Stocks Telegraph

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      January 10, 2023

      6:00 PM UTC

      Last Updated on

      March 24, 2023

      6:02 AM UTC

      ICO Updates and Hottest Airdrop Opportunities This Week - Stocks Telegraph

      Active ICOs

      MTG Coin

      One active ICO that has been making the rounds in the crypto market is that of the blockchain service, MTG, which will be coming to a close by Friday.

      The project lies in a unique concept that bridges the gap between the M2E phenomenon and burning tokenomics. At its most fundamental level, MTG seeks to act as a recurring lottery, where 1% of each transaction conducted is burned and entered into the winning pool. Through this, 10 wallets are announced as random winners on a weekly basis. Developers aim to introduce more token utilities by the third quarter of 2023.


      The Artyfact ICO has just gone active, and with another 15 days to go, has already reeled in almost $900,000. Despite this strong head start, the token sale still has a long way to go with its fundraising goal set at $1.5 million.

      Metaverse gaming is seeing an explosion in players, so Artyfact aims to differentiate itself with a highly innovative play-to-earn economic model which results in a superior web3 gaming experience. Citizens of Artyfact get to play through the best aspects of AAA gaming while being able to spend their ARTY tokens on avatar customization, weapons, virtual estate, as well as other fun events on the metaverse.


      Pulling in a sum of over $3 million, the token sale for Ikonic pushes on in full swing, with the ICO to come to its end this weekend. The project has gathered a large following among its supporters and investors alike.

      Ikonic envisions a platform aimed toward the e-gaming realm, bringing value to both gamers and enthusiasts. Within the platform, fans and players alike can immortalize the most memorable moments as tradeable tokens. Furthermore, Ikonic also serves to act as the ideal platform for rising stars to establish their very own community of dedicated fans.

      Upcoming ICOs


      An upcoming ICO that is worth taking a look at is that of Fasttoken, which is a fully Ethereum-based cryptocurrency, which is to be the native token of the Fastex chain ecosystem. Even before its initiation, this project has successfully raised a sum of a whopping $25 million and aims to close at a staggering $71 million total.

      The reason as to why bulls have been rushing to Fasttoken is the fact that the Fastex chain ecosystem already holds over 1 million users across the globe. As Fasttoken introduces more utility-based aspects, the organic growth potential of the token remains substantial. 


      The Carbon ICO is also an extraordinary one to keep track of, which will be kicking off later tomorrow. Carbon is essentially a high-speed and secure web browser for android devices and has been making the rounds in the market.

      Carbon’s appeal stems from its immersive web3 experience, as well as the 100% privacy it offers through decentralized VPN and firewalls. Similarly, it allows users to earn tokens and other rewards as they browse on. Its optimized search engine and superior AdBlock mechanism ensure high-speed browsing that is three times faster than traditional mobile browsers.


      The Koakuma project also will be seeing its ICO initiate later tomorrow and has remarkably pulled in almost $3 million of its $3.7 million financing target. As a game, Koakuma draws inspiration from top names such as the world of warcraft, Diablo, and Gigantic.

      The reason for its early success in token sales comes from the promise it holds as a blockchain-based action RPG game, which is in many respects, unlike any other. It brings in high transition speeds, which results in an extremely smooth and immersive gaming experience, made possible by its positioning on Polygon. Gas fees on Koakuma are close to zero, and its rewards are highly sought after by players.

      Ended ICOs

      Medieval Empires

      The ICO for the Ertugrul-themed web3 gaming project, Medieval Empires stands as being among the most recent to have come to an end. The token sale was highly successful, especially given the fact that it managed to meet its complete fundraising target of $4.76 million.

      The game draws in on the wild success of the highly-popular television series, Ertrugrul, and thus already has a giant following among gamers. Medieval Empires brings to life a highly immersive gameplay experience, allowing players to build, conquer and prosper. The in-game rewards such as the physical and digital utility-based NFTs adds strongly to the overall appeal surrounding it.

      Hottest Airdrops

      Brine Airdrop

      1. Check out the Brine testnet page.
      2. Please connect your wallet.
      3. Change the network to Goerli.
      4. Get testnet Ethereum from this link.
      5. Return to Brine and choose “Wallet” to get your test tokens.
      6. Now make a USDC deposit.
      7. Make trades by clicking the “Trade” button.
      8. They’ve mentioned issuing their own coin and performing an airdrop to early adopters. Early users that participated in testnet operations may be eligible for an airdrop once their own token is launched.

      Art Blocks Airdrop

      1. Enter the Art Blocks airdrop claim site.
      2. Sync your wallet and receive two NFTs from the “Friendship Bracelets” initiative.
      3. Users who had at least one NFT from Art Blocks by October 26th, 2022, will qualify for these NFTs.
      4. Participants must claim their NFTs no later than 10th January 2023
      5. On OpenSea, these NFTs are now trading at a floor price of 0.5 ETH.
      6. See this page for additional details on the airdrop.

      Hashstack Airdrop

      1. Go to the Hashstack testnet website.
      2. Simply link up your Argent wallet.
      3. Switch to the Testnet 2 network.
      4. Now, select “Get tokens” to obtain test tokens and test Ethereum.
      5. Borrow tokens and deposit test tokens.
      6. They do not currently have their own token but may do so in the future. Early users who have completed testnet actions may be eligible for an airdrop if their token is launched.

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