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      Is This Why The DarkPulse (DPLS) Stock Rose 28% In Last Trading? - Stocks Telegraph

      By ST Staff

      Published on

      June 14, 2021

      12:18 PM UTC

      Is This Why The DarkPulse (DPLS) Stock Rose 28% In Last Trading? - Stocks Telegraph

      As of the latest trading session, DarkPulse Inc (OTCPink: DPLS) stock grew 27.70 percent to $0.0355. Price of DarkPulse stock ranged from $0.0278 to $0.0360 during the session, with 165.19M shares changing hands. DPLS stock jumped following the signing of two letters of intent (LOIs) for controlling stakes in two firms.

      How did DPLS come to make those acquisitions?

      With DarkPulse, high-resolution temperature, strain and stress monitoring can be performed with high accuracy. A major advantage of DPLS technology is its ability to perform live, dynamic monitoring of critical infrastructure and structural components, such as pipelines, perimeters, airplanes, and mines.

      Last week, DarkPulse announced that it had signed two LOIs to acquire control of Remote Intelligence and Wildlife Specialists, LLC.

      • Together, these two companies offer fully integrated, drone-based, geo-rectified, 3D modeled mapping solutions for industrial applications specializing in oil & gas, energy, and environmental surveys.
      • DarkPulse will acquire 60% of Remote Intelligence and 60% of its sister company Wildlife Specialists by the terms of both LOIs.
      • The acquisitions are expected to cost $1,300,000, of which $1,000,000.00 will be paid in cash and $300,000.00 in DPLS common shares.
      • DPLS is scheduled to pay out the amount in two equal installments to its majority shareholders.
      • DPLS will pay $300,000 in restricted common shares upon closing, with the remaining $1,000,000 payable in cash within 12 weeks.
      • Remote Intelligent will receive an additional investment from DPLS, which will be used for working capital and to expand the company.

      Does DPLS benefit from these acquisitions?

      As part of the strategy to expand the capabilities of its system and open new service lines for growth, DarkPulse (DPLS) has acquired major positions in both entities. As DPLS positions itself to be the foundational infrastructure technology, these acquisitions will strengthen the company’s relationship and enable DPLS to meet new challenges and opportunities.

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