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      Lipocine Inc. [LPCN] is a stock which investors cannot afford to ignore - Stocks Telegraph

      By Hasnain R

      Published on

      March 4, 2021

      11:47 AM UTC

      Lipocine Inc. [LPCN] is a stock which investors cannot afford to ignore - Stocks Telegraph

      Lipocine Inc. (Nasdaq: LPCN), shares have changed -12.80% in price in a 5-day period, and -10.63% in the past three months. Shares of LPCN are up 5.15% YTD, with their twelve-month performance up 162.48%. In the last year, the lowest price was $53.15 and the highest was $138.79.

      Lipocine Inc. (Nasdaq: LPCN), is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing novel drug delivery technologies for metabolic and endocrine disorders. TLANDO, LPCN 1144, TLANDO XR, LPCN 1148 and LPCN 1107 are in Lipocine’s clinical development pipeline. The FDA has tentatively approved TLANDO, an oral prodrug of testosterone containing testosterone undecanoate, for the treatment of men who have deficiency of endogenous testosterone, also called hypogonadism.


      It was announced March 3, 2021 that Lipocine Inc. (Nasdaq: LPCN), the developer of TLANDO, will present their clinical data at the ENDO 2021 Conference, which is scheduled for March 20-23, 2021. For adult males with conditions associated with a lack of endogenous testosterone, called hypogonadism, TLANDO is an oral testosterone replacement therapy product candidate.


      An analysis of the pharmaceutical industry shows that only a small percentage of Phase I products ever make it to the market. Typically, the percentage rises to 40% in Phase II and 70% in Phase III. Thus, a drug at Phase I is clearly a riskier investment than at Phase III. Market potentials can be determined using publicly available data on patient populations and current prices per patient/year. An analysis of competitor activity will demonstrate the number of companies conducting research on the same disease, and the level of their progress. The analysts claim that as a result, all major risks in a product development are quantifiable, such as clinical and competitor risk. It is possible to calculate the net present value or its net value to the company by adding up the risks.

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