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      What are the Reasons for MULN Stock Price Drop?

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      August 25, 2023

      6:06 PM UTC

      Last Updated on

      September 15, 2023

      5:12 PM UTC

      What are the Reasons for MULN Stock Price Drop?

      Once hailed as a roaring meme stock sensation, Mullen Automotive Inc.’s (NASDAQ: MULN) meteoric rise has given way to a tumultuous MULN stock price plummet over the past year, a spectacle that has enraptured the market’s attention.

      With its rollercoaster trajectory, this company has left even seasoned investors scratching their heads.

      In the midst of a bearish sentiment engulfing the stock, a curious faction remains captivated by the enigma of its downfall, ardently convinced of its latent prowess within the electric vehicle (EV) domain.

      Delving into the intricate web of events, market dynamics, and corporate decisions, this article uncovers the veil shrouding the mysterious descent of MULN stock price.

      If you’re intrigued by the curious intersection of meme culture, EV aspirations, and financial fluctuations, join us in dissecting the compelling narrative behind the riveting saga of MULN.

      MULN Price Performance

      MULN Price Performance

      Emerging as a prominent player in the meme stock frenzy, Mullen etched its mark in history during the peak of the Covid era.

      With a meteoric surge in MULN stock price from under $400 to over $3600, its dazzling ascent was, however, short-lived.

      The craze around the MULN stock price potential kept it hovering around the $3000 threshold for the ensuing two years, sustained by unrelenting hype.

      The euphoria eventually waned, and by the close of 2021, Mullen witnessed a dramatic plummet, sinking below $200.

      The past year has proven unforgiving, subjecting MULN stock price today to a punishing decline, plummeting to as low as $0.40.

      This rollercoaster journey illuminates the volatile nature of stock markets, where initial fervor can yield to the cold realism of market dynamics.

      Mullen’s trajectory underscores the significance of thorough analysis and cautious investment strategies, as even the most sensational rises can be accompanied by precipitous falls.

      Reasons for Mullen Downfall

      The reasons behind MULN stock price today decline are multi-fold. Some of these are discussed below as follows:

      • Aggressive Buyback

        Mullen’s move to repurchase $25 million of its shares raises eyebrows due to the 147% surge in shares outstanding in the last year, leaving investors questioning the strategic allocation of resources.

      • Stock Monetization Dependency

        Mullen’s heavy reliance on stock monetization to counter a staggering 12-month liquidity gap of $206.8 million underscores its vulnerability to financial turbulence.

      • Operational Struggles

        Mullen’s meager Q2 revenue and negative gross profit highlight operational challenges, amplifying uncertainties about its long-term viability.

      • Impending Cash Crunch

        Amidst declining MULN stock price and ongoing cash burn, the company’s cash reserves face pressure, potentially leading to a challenging financial position.

      • Market Perception

        The falling MULN stock price and lingering concerns could erode investor trust, making it harder for Mullen to execute equity sales and regain market confidence.

      Future Outlook

      Mullen faces a precarious future marked by potential bankruptcy. With depleting liquidity of about $235 million by March 31 and no revenue to offset its cash burn, the company might run out of funds by Q1 2024.

      MULN stock price today stands below $1 per share, which hampers its capital-raising prospects, and prior reverse splits raise delisting concerns.

      Despite $80 million in announced deals, increased production will escalate operating costs. A $25 million stock buyback appears ill-timed given financial woes.

      Q2 FY23 reveals no revenue, a $70 million operational loss, and a $117 million net loss. Although $7 million in imminent debt seems manageable, a cash burn rate of $34 million and $70 million in H1 raises liquidity alarms.

      Despite pending revenue from 22 van deliveries in Q3, scaling production to meet new deals could exacerbate the cash drain.

      Mullen’s future hinges on maintaining a $1 bid price while navigating dire capital needs, possibly resorting to dilution or Chapter 11 for survival.


      The meteoric ascent of MULN stock price in the meme stock realm, contrasted with its subsequent precipitous decline, stands as a vivid illustration of the inherent volatility within financial markets.

      Factors such as aggressive share buybacks, operational hurdles, and heavy stock monetization contributed to the MULN stock price downturn.

      The company’s impending financial crossroads reveal the complexities of capital acquisition amidst plummeting stock valuations.

      MULN’s trajectory serves as a pertinent reminder of the significance of prudent financial analysis, strategic planning, and adaptability in investment endeavors.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      What Is MULN Stock?

      MULN stock is the stock of Mullen Automotive, Inc., an electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer.

      What Is the Current Stock Price Of MULN?

      The current MULN stock price is $0.70.

      What Does MULN Specialize In?

      Mullen Automotive specializes in developing and manufacturing EVs for the US market.

      How Can I Buy MULN Stock?

      You can buy MULN stock through any brokerage firm or online platform providing services of a similar nature.

      Does Mullen Automotive Pay Dividends?

      Mullen Automotive does not pay dividends at the present time.

      What Are Some Recent Developments from Mullen Automotive That Might Impact the Stock?

      Some recent developments from Mullen Automotive include the launch of its Mullen FIVE EV crossover and the signing of a deal with EVgo for charging infrastructure.

      What Are the Potential Risks Associated with Investing in MULN Stock?

      The potential risks associated with investing in MULN stock include the company’s limited track record and its high debt load.

      Where Can I Find Financial Reports and Earnings Results for Mullen Automotive?

      You can find financial reports and earnings results for Mullen Automotive on the company’s website.

      What Are Some Analyst Opinions on MULN Stock?

      Most analyst opinions on MULN stock are bearish, while a small minority remain bullish.

      Why Is MULN Stock Falling?

      MULN stock is falling due to several factors, including aggressive share buybacks, heavy reliance on stock monetization, operational and liquidity struggles, declining cash reserves, and potential bankruptcy. Collectively, all these factors are contributing to a bleak future outlook and a fast-eroding investor trust.

      What Is Up with MULN Stock?

      MULN stock dropped due to allegations of overselling and manipulative trading practices, leading to a sharp price decline and prompting legal action against broker-dealers, as well as a stock buyback program initiated by Mullen Automotive Inc.

      Will MULN Stock Squeeze?

      MULN stock may experience a short squeeze given the persistence of market bulls who see legal action against naked short sellers as a positive catalyst for the stock. These conditions create the perfect basis for a short squeeze to occur in the short term.

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