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      NFT Market Developments and Top Opportunities - Stocks Telegraph

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      December 23, 2022

      6:54 AM UTC

      NFT Market Developments and Top Opportunities - Stocks Telegraph

      In a statement put out earlier this week, Starbucks’ chief digital officer, Adam Brotman, spoke at length about the company’s recently launched Starbucks Odyssey – a comprehensive NFT program. Brotman went on to elaborate on the shifting nature of consumers today, and their appreciation for digital experiences, alongside conventional offerings. In light of this, the company has sought to offer a purely digital loyalty program, where certain customers are rewarded with memorable, digital collectibles, in the form of Starbucks-themed NFTs.

      The most recent high-profile name to become associated with the world of NFTs, is Donald Trump, who launched digital trading cards last week, in the form of Polygon-based NFTs. The news came under the popular spotlight across social media and was even the subject of mockery on mainstream television shows, such as NBC’s Saturday Night Live. However, as the weekend approached, the NFT collection suffered as hype eventually died down, causing a 74% price fall, coinciding with a 57% drop in trade volume.

      The Spanish football club, FC Barcelona is presently facing action by regulating agencies for an alleged advertisement-based promotion of an NFT, featuring the ‘impossible goal’ by Johan Cruyff, in 1973. The Advertising Standards Authority has initiated an inquiry into the advertisement and has questioned the club in its role in running the promotion, without making clear the risks of buying NFTs. The regulatory move is similar to what Arsenal FC faced in 2021, after the promotion of its own fan tokens.

      NFTs to Watch

      Mutant Hound Collars NFT

      The Mutant Hound Collars NFT collection is quite a popular one in recent charts, with its price climb of almost 130%, coupled with a trading volume exceeding 580 ETH.

      The collection features 10,000 NFTs which are essentially mutant hound collars, allowing holders to redeem hounds from the mutant hideout. These unique hounds have faced experimentation, according to the lore of the tokens, and have thus acquired powers and traits that are truly extraordinary. For holders that have redeemed a hound from the hideout, they may officially become a part of the cartel where hounds are swapped, traded, or strategically used.

      Savage Nation NFT

      The Savage Nation NFT collection has been seeing a spectacular surge in popularity, with its trading volume rocketing by 1650%, to an impressive 300 ETH.

      The collection is a fascinating one, and a part of the wider dystopian metaverse dubbed, Arcadia, where 10 heroic fighters compete in the Savage Nation tournament to attain glory. This artistic and lore-based NFT project, aims at establishing the story for each of these fighters, with the manual reveal to slowly take place in three distinct phases. In essence, therefore, the tokens are unknown, in terms of their basic cartridge and character, with all the relevant information coming to the public over time. The reveal process is gasless when completed via the official Savage Nation website.

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