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      NFT Weekly Highlights: News Stories and Hottest Opportunities - Stocks Telegraph

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      January 6, 2023

      7:41 AM UTC

      Last Updated on

      March 24, 2023

      6:02 AM UTC

      NFT Weekly Highlights: News Stories and Hottest Opportunities - Stocks Telegraph

      In a surprising new revelation, a popular Twitch streamer and founder of several NFT-related projects, DNP3 openly admitted to a gambling addiction. He went on to state that as part of this behavior, he also lost investors’ capital amounts, in the hopes of winning big, and recovering prior losses. Furthermore, he pointed out that as a result of his gambling addiction, he had lost all the funds he had access to, releasing a formal apology to shareholders through his Twitter account. The market cap of the Goobers Project sunk drastically as a result, as well as the price of CluCoin, which plunged by 65%.

      The highly popular NFT monitoring service, Inspect recently announced that it will be closing down all operations by the 17th of January, leaving crypto and NFT enthusiasts on social media in utter shock. The company stated in a series of Tweets that the difficult decision comes as interest in the global NFT market continues to plunge from its highs of early 2022. In fact, from between the second and third quarter of 2022, worldwide trade volume dipped by 77%. The move bodes poorly for the wider prospects of the realm of non-fungible tokens.

      In the last few days following the 1st of January, a series of high-profile hackings took place, targeting developers of top NFT projects. The renowned NFT collector, CryptoNovo revealed how nearly $700,000 worth of NFTs transferred to an anonymous hacker account, who successfully liquidated the tokens within hours. CryptoNovo’s Discord channel seems to fall under compromise too, with the hope of attaining additional digital assets. Similarly, the COO of CloneX fell prey to a sophisticated phishing attack, resulting in the theft of dozens of tokens, which amount to almost $150,000.

      NFTs to Watch

      The Field by Beervangeer NFT

      The Field by Beervangeer is an NFT-based art project, which was developed by Art_Blocks. This collection is basically inspired by the current trend in picture creation made possible by machine learning technology, resulting in a unique and dynamic art form.

      The spaces within the field are basically a part of our human collective psyche; a hyperdimensional field of endless possibilities. The algorithm intricately curates art forms of this nature, which shows a connection to symbolism and language that is quite ‘human’. The project is a highly creative addition to the growing domain of next-generation digital art.

      Sappy Seals NFT

      The Sappy Seals NFT project has been seeing a remarkable rise in interest, with its floor price jumping by upwards of 90%. Sappy Seals is the coolest NFT collection for those looking to be part of a fun, community-driven metaverse expansion project.

      Each of the tokens within this collection falls under the PFP class and represent a rich, and fast-growing ecosystem. Holding a Sappy Seal yields a range of benefits, such as access to the exclusive metaverse market platform, along with an open-world cross-community allowing ownership of Pixl Pets.

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