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      Presto Automation Sees Dramatic Reversal in Premarket Trad

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      June 7, 2024

      11:12 AM UTC

      Presto Automation Sees Dramatic Reversal in Premarket Trad

      Presto Automation Inc. (NASDAQ: PRST) experienced a significant turnaround in premarket trading on Friday, bouncing back by 20% after a dismal performance on Thursday when the stock plummeted 27%. This dramatic recovery underscores the volatile nature of the stock, driven by heightened market activity. The trading volume reached an astonishing 53 million shares, a remarkable nine times its average volume, indicating a surge in investor interest and market hype.

      Collaboration with Taco John’s and Qu

      Contributing to this renewed investor confidence is Presto’s recent announcement of a strategic collaboration with Taco John’s® and Qu to deploy the Presto Voice™ drive-thru pilot at select Taco John’s locations. Presto Voice aims to enhance drive-thru staff efficiency by automating order-taking, thus allowing employees to focus on more critical tasks and reducing labor costs. The AI-driven system also offers customizable upsell suggestions, potentially increasing revenue and improving the overall guest experience with quick, friendly service.

      Qu’s unified commerce platform plays a crucial role in this initiative, ensuring consistent, data-driven experiences across all Taco John’s ordering channels. The seamless integration of Presto Voice with Qu’s point-of-sale and kitchen production technologies enables automated voice orders to be efficiently managed within Taco John’s existing tech infrastructure.

      Successful Pilot and Future Expansion

      The initial pilot of Presto Voice at a Taco John’s location in Minnesota, launched in April 2024, has shown promising results. Due to its success, the technology is set to be rolled out to a second location in Wyoming by August. Ryan Baune, Vice President for Technology at Taco John’s, noted improvements in service speed, order accuracy, and average ticket size, driven by the upsell features of the AI system.

      Steve Smyth, Director of Restaurant Technology at Taco John’s, emphasized the benefits of Presto Voice, highlighting its ability to enhance order accuracy and speed, as well as improving customer interactions by freeing staff from multitasking during peak times. The collaboration with Qu has been instrumental, providing a robust, integrated solution that eliminates the need for additional interfaces.


      The market’s reaction to PRST’s innovative efforts with Taco John’s and Qu reflects growing optimism about the company’s future prospects. As Taco John’s plans to expand Presto Voice across its nearly 400 locations, investors are watching closely, anticipating further advancements and potential increases in market share for PRST.

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