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      Recursion (RXRX) Stock Surges as AI Mania Boosts Biotech Sector Confidence

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      July 13, 2023

      1:44 PM UTC

      Recursion (RXRX) Stock Surges as AI Mania Boosts Biotech Sector Confidence

      Brace yourselves as we dive into updates surrounding Recursion Pharmaceuticals Inc. (RXRX), a cutting-edge biotech company that’s making waves.

      So, what’s all the hype about? Well, a massive $50 million investment from an AI-linked chipmaker has sent Recursion’s stock soaring to new heights. Let’s dig deeper into what’s going on.

      Recursion Pharmaceuticals Receives $50 Million in Private Investment

      Recursion Pharmaceuticals’ (RXRX) stock has more than doubled, reaching a record 78% gain following the infusion of $50 million.

      The investment, which came from a prominent AI computing company, signifies a shift in the AI mania towards the struggling biotechnology sector.

      Previously burdened by the Federal Reserve’s interest rate policies, Recursion had experienced a 12% slump year to date. However, this sudden surge has turned the tide, with shares now up by an impressive 98% YTD.

      Positive Analyst Sentiment Surrounding RXRX

      The recent collaboration between Recursion Pharmaceuticals and the AI computing company solidifies Recursion’s position as the premier AI-driven biotech firm.

      Analyst Gil Blum from Needham & Co. notes that this partnership grants Recursion access to the most powerful AI computing company on Earth, providing immense potential for drug discovery and development.

      Keybanc Capital Markets analyst Scott Schoenhaus further emphasizes that this pact serves as a validation for AI in the drug/molecule development space.


      Recursion Pharmaceuticals has taken off like a rocket thanks to that remarkable $50 million investment and its partnership with an AI computing giant. This surge is a turning point for both Recursion and the biotech industry as a whole.

      Despite experiencing challenges earlier this year, the stock has regained momentum, marking a positive turning point for both Recursion and the broader biotechnology industry.

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