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      Redwire Corporation (RDW) Stock Is Heavily Misunderstood - Stocks Telegraph

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      November 5, 2022

      7:09 AM UTC

      Redwire Corporation (RDW) Stock Is Heavily Misunderstood - Stocks Telegraph

      Redwire Corporation (NYSE: RDW) specializes in infrastructure that is employed in the space industry. Redwire has been quite successful in recent years, with its booming growth and significant milestone achievements. Its core ambition, however, is laser-focused on the commercial space industry, which is likely to see a tremendous boom in the coming decade.

      Solid Redwire Prospects

      Redwire Corporation (RDW) has lofty ambitions in the space infrastructure realm. This year, the company rolled out solar array technology which saw deployment on NASA’s International Space Station. The achievement is truly a game-changer for the company, putting it on the radar of the space industry. Redwire faces somewhat of a financial cushioning as a result of its long-term contracts with the government. These link to both national and domestic security and ensure Redwire is capable of value generation before commercial space sees actualization.

      RDW Aiming For The Long Shot

      The most significant value proposition that is inherent to RDW stock is the present value of its long-term growth potential. The company is strategically playing its cards to stand strongly positioned to capitalize off the commercial space game, which could actualize within the next decade. Just recently, the company acquired a Belgian commercial space business, QinetiQ Space for 32 million Euros. This allows for a smooth business and managerial integration into Redwire and is likely to result in a boom within the space race amongst entrants. RDW stock fell by 80% in the last 12 months, despite growing its revenue from $19 million in 2019 to $138 million in 2021. The valuation of this stock alone makes it a screaming buy, and so compelling for investors.


      RDW stock has taken a beating in the present macroeconomic climate of certainty. However, the panic-stricken market does not yet see how strong the future prospects of this company really are.

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