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      5 Best Performing US Tech Stocks to Buy Now

      By Fahim Awan

      Published on

      September 4, 2023

      10:29 AM UTC

      Last Updated on

      September 6, 2023

      11:23 AM UTC

      5 Best Performing US Tech Stocks to Buy Now

      In the dynamic landscape of contemporary finance, the realm of technology remains a focal point of intrigue and opportunity.

      As we venture into 2024, the stage of tech stocks in US market is set to unveil a new act in the saga of the financial landscape.

      Guided by innovation, market trends, and an ever-evolving digital paradigm, certain companies have demonstrated resilience and growth potential.

      This article embarks on a journey to dissect the tapestry of the market and spotlight the preeminent US tech stocks to buy now that are poised to shine in 2024.

      Amidst projections and possibilities, a select group emerges as trailblazers, capturing both the essence of the digital age and the essence of prudent investment.

      Why Invest in Tech Stocks In 2024?

      Investing in tech stocks in US for 2024 remains an astute choice, underpinned by dynamic factors.

      The tech sector’s perpetual innovation, spanning AI, cybersecurity, and renewable energy, promises sustained growth.

      The global digital transition, accelerated by ongoing societal shifts, fuels the demand for transformative tech solutions.

      With companies poised to capitalize on 5G, IoT, and blockchain, substantial revenue streams are anticipated.

      However, prudent scrutiny through US stock news is advised due to market competition and potential regulatory developments.

      Tech’s ability to transcend adversities, coupled with its pivotal role in shaping tomorrow’s landscape, underscores its appeal as a resilient investment opportunity.

      The latest consumer price index data showed U.S. inflation has eased to 3%, the slowest pace in more than two years.

      The cooler-than-expected reading seems to be allaying investors’ concerns about the Federal Reserve’s rate hikes.

      It also bolstered their confidence in a re-acceleration of economic growth and a strong rebound in corporate profits in 2024.

      Indeed, market-based forecasts suggest S&P 500 company earnings will advance at least 10% next year to a new high, which would be 48% greater than their 2019 levels.

      Prices of tech stocks in US market continue to move higher, now reflecting a forward price-earnings ratio of nearly 20.

      • A Strong Labor Market

        Unemployment, currently at 3.6%, is near 50-year lows, and for every unemployed person, there are about 1.6 job openings.

        With price pressures easing, personal incomes may see some gains, when adjusted for inflation, for the first time in this business cycle.

        Not all of those income gains may go to spending, as individuals may decide to save more or pay off debt.

        Ultimately a stable jobs market should prevent a collapse in consumption, which accounts for about two-thirds of U.S. GDP.

      • A Tight Housing Market

        Despite higher mortgage rates and sluggish activity in existing home sales, household formation is outpacing home availability, putting a floor under overall home prices and activity.

        These supply-demand dynamics may help prevent material weakening in housing, which is a major, rate-sensitive part of the economy.

      • Resurgent Capital Spending

        Positive drivers of capital investment today include strong corporate balance sheets, and productivity-boosting enterprise technologies.

        Fiscal spending programs focused on decarbonization and realignment of global supply chains are all with the potential to spur renewed economic growth.

      Benefits of Investing in Tech Stocks In USA

      • High Growth Potential Compared To Other Sectors

        Investment in tech stocks in US for 2024 offers unparalleled growth prospects in comparison to traditional sectors.

        The dynamic nature of tech stocks in US market fosters rapid advancements, leading to robust revenue expansion and substantial market capitalization gains.

        This sector’s agility in adapting to evolving consumer demands and its integral role in global digital transformation enhances its potential for significant returns on investment.

        Especially investing in tech stocks with dividends.

      • Influence Of Innovation on Long-Term Stock Performance

        Sustained performance of tech stocks to buy now is fueled by relentless innovation.

        Pioneering breakthroughs and disruptive technologies continually reshape industries, propelling tech companies to the forefront.

        This innovation-driven momentum not only secures competitive advantages but also translates to enduring shareholder value.

        That solidifies the reputation of tech stocks in USA for consistent long-term stock appreciation.

      • Diversification Benefits for An Investment Portfolio

        Integrating tech stocks into an investment portfolio adds a crucial layer of diversification. Their relatively low correlation with traditional sectors mitigates overall portfolio risk.

        Amidst market fluctuations, tech stocks often exhibit resilience, safeguarding the portfolio against potential downturns.

        This diversification strategy harnesses the sector’s potential upside while fostering stability, thereby optimizing risk-adjusted returns for astute investors.

      Market Trends and Insights

      In 2024, the tech sector navigates a landscape where sustainability, decentralization, ethics, remote work evolution, and geopolitical shifts intertwine to mold its trajectory.

      Companies embracing these trends will likely thrive in this dynamic environment.

      • Sustainable Tech Evolution

        As global awareness of environmental issues intensifies, the tech sector is undergoing a transformation towards sustainability.

        Companies are focusing on eco-friendly practices, energy-efficient innovations, and circular economy models making tech stocks to buy now a better choice.

        Investors prioritize businesses contributing to carbon neutrality and resource conservation.

      • Decentralized Digital Landscape

        The rise of blockchain technology and decentralized platforms is disrupting traditional tech paradigms.

        Decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and Web3 applications are reshaping how we interact online, giving users more control over their data and digital assets.

      • AI’s Ethical Frontiers

        Artificial intelligence continues to redefine industries, but the spotlight on ethical concerns is intensifying. Striking the right balance between innovation and responsible AI deployment is crucial.

        Regulations are evolving, pushing tech companies to prioritize transparency and fairness.

      • Workplace Reshaping Post-Pandemic

        Remote and hybrid work models are here to stay, prompting tech advancements in collaboration tools, cybersecurity, and employee well-being tech.

        Flexibility and seamless virtual interactions are now integral to the tech work landscape.

      • Geopolitics and Tech

        Geopolitical tensions are influencing global tech dynamics, with countries emphasizing digital sovereignty and data security.

        This trend fuels the development of localized tech ecosystems, affecting international data flows and tech partnerships making tech stocks a smart decision.

      Top 5 Best Performing US Tech Stocks For 2024

      1. Symbotic Inc. (NASDAQ: SYM)

        Symbotic Inc (NASDAQ: SYM) as a leading American robotics firm, specializes in creating and managing AI-driven warehouse systems across North America.

        Major retailers like Target and Walmart utilize their products.

        Over the past year, SYM’s stock surged by 244%, reflecting its robust financial performance securing it first place in our best tech stocks list.

        In June 2023, the company reported revenue of $311.84 million, a 77.63% YoY growth surpassing analyst forecasts by 19.58%.

        Notably, net income improved significantly, with -$4.35 million turning into a positive growth of 78.79% YoY.

        A pivotal development transpired in May when Symbotic collaborated with Walmart, integrating their robotics and software automation in Walmart’s distribution centers.

        This expansion led Symbotic to oversee operations in 42 of Walmart’s regional centers, a substantial increase from the prior 25.

        This partnership underscored the ascendancy and strategic expansion of our Nasdaq tech stocks in the realm of automated warehousing.

      2. Allegro MicroSystems, Inc. (NASDAQ: ALGM)

        Next on our performing tech stocks list is Allegro MicroSystems, Inc. (NASDAQ: ALGM) which stands as a prominent American semiconductor establishment.

        ALGM is distinguished for its innovative solutions primarily tailored to the dynamic automotive and diversified industrial sectors.

        The company has strategically positioned itself as a pivotal force in the electric vehicle (EV) landscape, propelling Allegro’s core advancements.

        Significantly, during the second quarter of 2023, Allegro witnessed a substantial surge in hedge fund sentiment.

        Throughout this phase, institutional entities acquired 9.16 million shares of ALGM stock, while divesting 8.49 million shares.

        Impressively, 218 institutions displayed a propensity for share acquisition, while 141 chose to participate in share sales.

        The preceding fiscal quarter unveiled a remarkable 63% year-on-year increase in earnings per share, reaching 39 cents.

        The automotive sector observed a substantial upswing of approximately 30% in revenue during the same period.

        In a parallel stride, industrial sales, encompassing revenue from sustainable energy ventures, soared by an impressive 70% year-on-year.

        Spanning the past twelve months, Allegro’s stock price charted an impressive ascent of over 62%, showcasing its robust market performance among Nasdaq tech stocks.

      3. Rambus Inc. (NASDAQ: RMBS)

        Rambus Inc. (NASDAQ: RMBS) is a California-based semiconductor company, another better option for tech stocks to buy now.

        It has garnered recognition for its development of Rambus DRAM (RDRAM) during the late 1990s to early 2000s.

        Having achieved a substantial 120% growth in the past year among Nasdaq tech stocks, the company recently unveiled a comprehensive suite of Security IP solutions tailored for the FPGA market.

        These solutions encompass advanced cryptographic, side-channel, and Quantum-Safe protections.

        They also ensure the security of a diverse array of devices, from high-performance AI accelerators to energy-efficient IoT solutions.

        Rambus’ security IP is aimed at safeguarding FPGAs used across sectors like Data Centers, AI/ML, Edge computing, IoT, and Defense applications.

        On the financial front, Rambus reported a minor 3% dip in Q2 earnings-per-share, a departure from the preceding periods that saw notable growth.

        Likewise, revenue experienced a slight 1% decline year-over-year, following earlier periods of growth. The current quarter’s trajectory remains awaited.

      4. Jabil Inc. (NYSE: JBL)

        Jabil Inc. (NYSE: JBL), the next best candidate in our best tech stocks to buy now list, stands as an eminent manufacturing services entity, headquartered in Florida, USA.

        The corporation orchestrates its operations through two distinct domains: Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) and Diversified Manufacturing Services (DMS).

        Demonstrating robust growth, JBL’s stock value has surged remarkably, marking an impressive ascent of 89% over the preceding year.

        Concurrently, Jabil has unveiled a preliminary accord with BYD Electronic (International) Company Limited, colloquially referred to as “BYDE”.

        This notable agreement pertains to the potential divestiture of JBL’s Mobility division, a transaction anticipated to command an estimated valuation of approximately $2.2 billion.

        If realized, this transformative undertaking would etch a historic milestone as the most substantial deal in the annals of the company’s existence.

        The ensuing proceeds from this consequential transaction are poised to augment JBL’s shareholder-centric capital framework.

        Furthermore, this transaction’s fruition will unleash avenues for bolstered investments in spheres.

        Those include electric vehicles, renewable energy, healthcare, AI-infused cloud data centers, and sundry other end-markets.

      5. First Solar, Inc. (NASDAQ: FSLR)

        First Solar, Inc. (NASDAQ: FSLR), an American solar energy solutions leader, shines brightly with a 30% YoY increase in Q2 2023 net sales, reaching $811 million.

        Backed by a robust net cash balance of $1.5 billion, the company is primed for expansive growth.

        Investment initiatives in Ohio, India, and Alabama, including a $1.1 billion injection into a new US manufacturing facility, project a capacity surge to 14 GW by 2026.

        With a backlog of 77.8GW until 2030 and potential bookings of 78.3GW, First Solar’s revenue and cash flow prospects are on an upward trajectory.

        In a transformative move, the company secured a $1 billion, five-year revolving credit and guarantee facility, with J.P. Morgan Chase as the administrative agent.

        The company’s stock has surged by 56% in the past year, underscoring its positive outlook and pivotal role in the solar energy landscape.

        This makes FSLR a wiser decision to choose from the best tech stocks to buy now.

      Investment Tips for Tech Stocks In 2024

      • Evolving Landscapes

        The tech sector’s dynamism demands constant monitoring of emerging trends using US stock news as a general tool.

        AI, cybersecurity, and renewable energy are areas projected for growth, offering potentially lucrative investment avenues.

      • Diligent Research

        Prioritize comprehensive research before investing. Scrutinize companies’ financial health, competitive edge, and leadership.

        Analyze earnings reports, market positioning, and innovation pipelines to make informed decisions.

      • Risk Mitigation

        Diversification remains a cornerstone in choosing tech stocks to buy now. Distribute investments across companies of varying sizes and tech niches to balance potential risk and reward.

      • Regulatory Awareness

        Keep a pulse on regulatory shifts, especially concerning data privacy and antitrust measures. Changes can significantly impact tech companies’ operations and valuation.

      • Long-Term Vision

        While tech stocks can be volatile, adopting a long-term perspective can help ride out market fluctuations. This will harness the sector’s overall upward trajectory and make it easier to opt for any tech stocks to buy now.

      Risk Factors and Cautionary Notes

      Potential Risks Description
      Volatility Tech stocks are prone to high price fluctuations due to market sentiment, technological advancements, and competitive pressures.
      Regulatory Changes Government regulations can impact tech companies, affecting their operations, data privacy practices, and market reach.
      Competition Rapid innovation leads to intense competition, potentially eroding market share and profitability.
      Cybersecurity Threats Tech firms are vulnerable to cyberattacks, which can result in data breaches, reputation damage, and financial losses.
      Dependency On Talent Success relies on skilled personnel; a talent shortage can hinder growth and innovation.
      Market Saturation As markets mature, growth may slow, impacting revenue and stock performance.
      Economic Sensitivity Tech stocks’ performance can be tied to economic cycles, affecting consumer spending and business investments.
      Disruptive Technologies Emerging technologies can quickly render existing tech obsolete, impacting companies’ long-term viability.
      Intellectual Property Risks Patent disputes and IP theft can lead to legal battles and financial setbacks.
      Lack Of Dividends Many tech firms reinvest profits instead of paying dividends, potentially dissuading income-focused investors.

      Diversification and Investment Strategy

      In the dynamic realm of tech stocks, prudent investors recognize the paramount significance of diversification.

      By spreading capital across a range of technology companies, the risk is mitigated while grabbing tech stocks to buy now.

      This also allows for exposure to potential high-growth ventures while buffering against market volatilities.

      • Strategic Sector Allocation

        Allocating investments across tech sub-sectors like AI, cloud computing, and biotech enhances resilience and optimizes returns on tech stocks.

      • Value Amidst Volatility

        A blend of growth and value stocks balances portfolios, harnessing the innovation-driven potential of growth stocks and the stability of established tech giants.

      • Continuous Vigilance

        Regular portfolio reassessment ensures alignment with shifting market trends, fostering adaptability in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

      • Thematic Investing

        Identifying long-term trends such as cybersecurity or renewable energy by keeping an eye on tech stocks news could help in capturing emerging opportunities.

      • Company Size Mix

        Blend established tech giants with promising startups. While larger companies offer stability, startups present growth potential.

      • Risk Tolerance Assessment

        Gauge your risk tolerance accurately to determine the proportion of high-risk, high-reward tech stocks to include.

      • Global Perspective

        Invest in both domestic and international tech stocks to gain exposure to global tech trends and market dynamics.

      How To Invest in Tech Stocks

      • Research and Analysis

        Begin by thoroughly researching the tech industry and specific companies. Understand their products, services, financials, and competitive landscape to make informed decisions.

      • Risk Assessment

        Evaluate your risk tolerance and investment goals. Tech stocks can be volatile, so ensure your portfolio aligns with your long-term objectives.

      • Online Platforms

        Choose reputable online investment platforms offering a variety of tech stocks. Ensure the platform provides real-time data, research tools, and educational resources.

      • Brokerage Services

        Select a reliable brokerage with competitive fees. Look for platforms offering fractional shares to invest in even high-priced tech stocks with smaller amounts.

      • Diversification

        Spread investments across multiple tech companies to minimize risk. Avoid putting all funds into a single stock.

      • Long-Term Perspective

        Tech stocks can experience rapid fluctuations. Adopt a patient, long-term investment approach to ride out market volatility.

      • Monitor and Adjust

        Regularly review your portfolio’s performance. Make adjustments based on changing market trends, company developments, and your financial objectives.

      • Stay Informed

        Keep up with tech stocks news and innovations. Continuous learning will help you adapt to the dynamic nature of tech stock investments.


      In the dynamic landscape of financial markets, the showcased selection of premier US tech stocks to buy now unveils promising trajectories for 2024.

      These high-performing entities have demonstrated resilience, adaptability, and innovative prowess, positioning themselves as vanguards of technological evolution.

      As investors seek avenues for sustainable growth, these stocks stand as exemplars of strategic vision and market dominance.

      The year 2024 appears poised to be a testament to their enduring potential, an era where their accomplishments intertwine with the broader narrative of global progress.

      In this ever-evolving saga of commerce, these tech stocks in 2023 emerge as luminaries, casting a glow of excellence upon the canvas of investment possibilities.


      Are Tech Stocks A Good Investment Choice For 2024?

      In the realm of investment considerations for 2024, tech stocks present an intricate proposition. Their historical growth trajectory, propelled by innovation, generates allure.

      However, an evolving regulatory landscape and potential market saturation underscore the need for prudent assessment.

      How Do I Research and Analyze Tech Stocks Before Investing?

      To meticulously evaluate tech stocks before investing, I embark on comprehensive research.

      This entails scrutinizing financial health, growth prospects, competitive edge, and technological innovations.

      A thorough analysis of market trends, company leadership, and potential risks guides my investment decisions, ensuring a calculated approach to tech stock investments.

      What Metrics Should I Consider When Evaluating Tech Stocks?

      When evaluating tech stocks, essential metrics include revenue growth rate, profit margin, price-to-earnings ratio, and innovation potential.

      Equally crucial are user adoption trends, competitive positioning, and management quality.

      A comprehensive assessment of these factors aids informed investment decisions in the dynamic and evolving technology sector.

      Can You Explain The Significance Of YTD Return And P/E Ratio?

      The YTD (Year-to-Date) return serves as a crucial barometer of an asset’s performance within a given year, aiding investors in assessing growth and risk.

      Similarly, the P/E (Price-to-Earnings) ratio gauges market sentiment and valuation, pivotal for informed investment decisions.

      Together, they illuminate the dynamic interplay of returns and valuation in the financial analysis of tech stocks with dividends.

      What Are Some Potential Risks Associated With Investing In Tech Stocks?

      Investing in technology stocks offers substantial opportunities but is not devoid of risks.

      Market volatility, technological disruption, regulatory changes, and competition can impact valuations.

      Additionally, dependency on innovation success, cybersecurity threats, and shifts in consumer preferences pose inherent uncertainties.

      Is Diversification Important When Investing In Tech Stocks?

      Diversification assumes paramount significance in tech stock investment.

      The volatile nature of the technology sector necessitates spreading capital across various tech stocks.

      That could be through mitigating risks linked to market fluctuations, sector-specific disruptions, and unforeseen innovations.

      A diversified portfolio enhances resilience, safeguarding long-term gains amid the dynamic tech landscape.

      Should I Focus On Short-Term Gains Or Long-Term Growth With Tech Stocks?

      Navigating the realm of tech stocks necessitates a judicious balance between short-term gains and long-term growth.

      While seizing immediate opportunities can yield swift profits, fostering a strategic perspective engenders sustainable success.

      Prudent investors harmonize the dynamic yields of today with the visionary promise of tomorrow, orchestrating a symphony of prosperity.

      How Can I Stay Updated On The Performance Of My Chosen Tech Stocks?

      To remain abreast of selected technology stocks’ performance, you can diligently monitor reputable financial news sources, and subscribe to company newsletters. You could also utilize financial platforms to provide real-time updates.

      Engaging with analyst reports and following market trends ensures a well-informed approach to tracking the evolving dynamics of my chosen tech investments.

      What Other Sectors Should I Monitor Alongside Tech Stocks For A Well-Rounded Portfolio?

      In cultivating a diversified portfolio, complementing tech stocks with varied sectors is prudent.

      Consider allocating resources to healthcare for stability, energy for resilience against market shifts, finance for yield potential, and consumer goods for consistent demand.

      A well-rounded approach ensures a balanced foundation for long-term growth and risk mitigation.

      What Insights Can Be Gained From Market Trends In The Tech Sector?

      Market trends in the tech sector provide invaluable insights into industry direction.

      Analysis reveals emerging technologies, consumer preferences, and competitive landscapes. Tracking shifts aids strategic decisions, resource allocation, and innovation.

      An understanding of these trends empowers businesses to adapt effectively and harness opportunities for growth and market leadership.

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