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      The Promise of Guardian Health Sciences (GHSI) Stock - Stocks Telegraph

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      September 16, 2022

      12:45 PM UTC

      The Promise of Guardian Health Sciences (GHSI) Stock - Stocks Telegraph

      Guardian Health Sciences (NASDAQ: GHSI) is a specialty health science company that may not appear extraordinary at first glance, given its small scale. However, there is much to marvel at about GHSI stock, upon a closer look.

      A Bird’s Eye View Into Guardian Health Sciences

      Guardian Health Sciences (GHSI) is an interesting health sciences company, which is based in San Diego, California. The company primarily holds two core segments. The first of these segments relates to medical foods, or as Guardian Health calls it, “nutraceuticals”. Additionally, GHSI also has a dedicated business segment that deals primarily in medical devices. All in all, Guardian Health is a micro-capped company, with a market capitalization of barely $10 million. It taps into some highly lucrative domains within the realm of healthcare and is banking on the success of its in-development treatment candidates.

      The Inherent Promise Associated with GHSI Stock

      GHSI stock stands as a risky investment option to consider, given that the company at its small scale attempts to take on pharmaceutical giants. However, this player has achieved some major strides that put it up on the radar of market participants. Net revenue in its most recent quarter more than doubled from $1.2 million to $3.2 million, on a year-on-year basis. Similarly, the company exceeded analyst expectations with its EPS figure of -$0.02.

      The company has been on the rise since June 2021, when it acquired the Viactiv brand which features chewable supplements for bone health. Viactiv has proven to be a major boost for GHSI stock, given that the brand is retailed at Walmart, Target, as well as on Amazon.


      GHSI stock may not be one of the secure, large names of the healthcare sciences industry. Yet its persistent fight and strategic wins are clearly translating to positive financial performance.

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