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      What Drove The Positron (POSC) Stock Up 66% During Last Session? - Stocks Telegraph

      By ST Staff

      Published on

      May 21, 2021

      11:44 AM UTC

      What Drove The Positron (POSC) Stock Up 66% During Last Session? - Stocks Telegraph

      The Positron Corporation (OTCPK: POSC) last traded at $1.00, up 66.61% to bring its market capitalization to $10.98M. With 33.50 million outstanding shares, Positron stock traded between $0.75 and $1.00 on the day. POSC stock rose even without current information, so recent developments may provide some indication of the movement of the POSC.

      How recently did something happen?

      Positron is a nuclear medicine company that specializes in cardiac PET imaging – the gold standard in cardiac diagnostics. Healthcare providers can accurately diagnose coronary artery disease with PET technology, practice solutions, and services from POSC while practicing cost-effective medicine.

      In addition to the PET-only system developed by POSC, the market position it has been enjoying and approach towards facilitation of the adoption of cardiac PET contribute to the growth of the market and Positron.

      As part of the recent announcement from Positron, Skyline Corporate Communications Group, LLC was retained to provide investor relations and corporate communications for the company. Boston-based Skyline Investor Relations and Corporate Communications provides investor relations and corporate communication consulting for public companies.

      What is POSC supposed to accomplish?

      Positron (POSC) selected Skyline as its investor relations representative because of its recent operating activities, long-term growth goals, and expansion plans. As Skyline’s communications strategies, methodologies, and standards are highly regarded, they are a great match for POSC.

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