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      Knightscope Stock Price History and Quote Analysis: Insights for Investors

      Knightscope, Inc.



      0.04 (6.25%)

      Open: 3:50 PM

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      Knightscope Stock Price Today

      Knightscope, Inc. (KSCP) stock rallied over 13.38% intraday to trade at $0.6803 a share on NASDAQ. The stock opened with a gain of 15.62% at $0.74 and touched an intraday high of $0.76, rising 6.30% against the last close of $0.64. The Knightscope, Inc. in stock market went to a low of $0.72 during the session.

      Knightscope Stock Snapshot


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      56.28 Million

      Market Cap


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      82.73 Million

      Number of Shares


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      Contact Details

      1070 Terra Bella Avenue
      Mountain View, CA 94043


      Contact #:650 924 1025

      Company Information



      Sales or Revenue$12.13 Million

      5Y Sales ChangeN/A

      Fiscal Year EndsDec. 2022


      IndustrySecurity & Protection Services

      About Company

      Knightscope, Inc. designs, develops, builds, deploys, and supports physical security technologies in the United States. The company's solutions combine the physical presence of autonomous security robots (ASR) with real-time on-site data collection and analysis, and a human-machine interface to reduce crime. Its products include K3 and K5 ASRs designed to roam a geo-fenced area autonomously by utilizing numerous sensors and lasers, either on a random basis or based on a particular patrolling algorithm to navigate around people, vehicles, and objects in dynamic indoor or outdoor environments; K1, an ASR for used in indoors or outdoors and at ingress/egress points for both people and vehicles; and K7, a multi-terrain ASR. The company also develops and operates the Knightscope security operations center (KSOC), a browser-based interface, which allows real-time data access service to its clients for alert of an abnormal event; and Knightscope network operations center (KNOC), a custom set of tools that enables it to manage and monitor the network of ASRs with alerts related to critical indicators and statistics, including charging, software, navigation, and temperatures, as well as to execute over-the-air software upgrades, patches, and other related items. In addition, it offers Knightscope+ remote monitoring, an optional service for clients that operate without a fully staffed 24/7 security operations center. The company serves law enforcement agencies, hospitals, and security teams. Knightscope, Inc. was incorporated in 2013 and is headquartered in Mountain View, California.


      Frequently Asked Questions


      What is the current Knightscope, Inc. (KSCP) stock price?

      Knightscope, Inc. (NASDAQ: KSCP) stock price is $0.68 in the last trading session. During the trading session, KSCP stock reached the peak price of $0.76 while $0.72 was the lowest point it dropped to. The percentage change in KSCP stock occurred in the recent session was 13.38% while the dollar amount for the price change in KSCP stock was $0.08.


      KSCP's industry and sector of operation?

      The NASDAQ listed KSCP is part of Security & Protection Services industry that operates in the broader Industrials sector. Knightscope, Inc. designs, develops, builds, deploys, and supports physical security technologies in the United States.


      Who are the executives of KSCP?

      Ms. Mallorie Sara Burak
      Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
      Mr. Aaron J. Lehnhardt
      Executive Vice President & Chief Design Officer
      Mr. Jason M. Gonzalez
      Senior Vice President of Client Devel.
      Mr. Stacy Dean Stephens
      Executive Vice President & Chief Client Officer


      How KSCP did perform over past 52-week?

      KSCP's closing price is 0.02% higher than its 52-week low of $0.36 where as its distance from 52-week high of $3.65 is -0.88%.


      How many employees does KSCP have?

      Number of KSCP employees currently stands at 111.00. KSCP operates from 1070 Terra Bella Avenue, Mountain View, CA 94043, US.


      Link for KSCP official website?

      Official Website of KSCP is:


      How do I contact KSCP?

      KSCP could be contacted at phone #650 924 1025 and can also be accessed through its website. KSCP operates from 1070 Terra Bella Avenue, Mountain View, CA 94043, US.


      How many shares of KSCP are traded daily?

      KSCP stock volume for the day was 1393228.00 shares. The average number of KSCP shares traded daily for last 3 months was 1.18 Million.


      What is the market cap of KSCP currently?

      The market value of KSCP currently stands at $56.28 Million with its latest stock price at $0.68 and 82.73 Million of its shares outstanding.