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      Absci (ABSI) Stock Sustained Momentum After-Hours

      By Fahim Awan

      Published on

      December 26, 2023

      10:56 AM UTC

      Absci (ABSI) Stock Sustained Momentum After-Hours

      Absci Corporation (NASDAQ: ABSI) stock sustained its upward momentum during the extended trading session on Friday, building upon the positive trajectory initiated in the regular session. In the after-hours market, Absci stock surged by 4.82%, reaching a trading price of $3.48. The earlier regular-session upswing saw a 2.15% increase in ABSI stock, concluding at $3.32. This notable ascent in ABSI stock value was precipitated by the recent initiation of a strategic collaboration.

      Last week, Absci (ABSI) unveiled a collaborative initiative aimed at cultivating a joint portfolio of potential therapeutic solutions for unmet medical needs. The collaborative endeavor was established in partnership with PrecisionLife, a preeminent computational biology firm specializing in advancing precision medicine for intricate chronic diseases.

      This collaborative synergy harnesses Absci’s rapid and robust capabilities in antibody design and optimization, coupled with PrecisionLife’s profound comprehension of complex disease biology. It leverages PrecisionLife’s expertise in identifying disease mechanisms, drug targets, and treatments tailored to specific patients, thereby forging a pipeline of innovative biotherapeutics.

      Within the framework of this partnership, ABSI and PrecisionLife will collaboratively explore and advance a shared pipeline of biotherapeutics targeting up to five mutually agreed-upon targets and indications. Subsequently, the two entities will jointly assess the most effective avenues to advance programs targeting these specific areas.

      The collaboration entails active cooperation in the selection of chronic disease drug targets associated with patients experiencing unmet clinical needs, optimizing the innovative potential of their respective methodologies. Both parties stand to share in the potential value derived from programs developed against specific targets.

      The collaboration with PrecisionLife represents a synergistic amalgamation of ABSI’s complementary strengths, with the overarching objective of establishing a high-value pipeline of novel therapeutics. PrecisionLife’s adeptness in unraveling intricate disease biology aligns seamlessly with Absci’s AI-driven approach. This strategic alignment empowers the companies to expedite the development of potentially efficacious therapeutics tailored to the needs of patients.

      This collaborative partnership underscores the transformative innovation potential achieved by coupling leading generative AI methodologies with PrecisionLife’s distinctive insights into disease biology. The aim is to accelerate and mitigate risks in the development of new precision medicines for patients. With the inception of this partnership, Absci has inked ten new Active Programs this year, aligning with the company’s outlook for 2023.

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