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      Visa prominently Dominating After-Hours Moves

      By Hasnain R

      Published on

      November 15, 2023

      7:12 AM UTC

      Visa prominently Dominating After-Hours Moves

      Visa Inc. (V), a trailblazer in the digital payments realm, has left a notable mark on the financial landscape. In this exploration, we delve into the recent after-hours activities of the company, drawing attention to its noteworthy performance.

      Additionally, the article will illuminate key highlights from Visa’s recent endeavors, including its involvement in the preparations for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

      After-Hours Highlights

      Visa Inc. (V) exhibited an impressive performance after-hours. With a post-market volume of 6.193 million shares, the company closed at 247.49 USD.

      The post-market change displayed a positive trend, increasing by 0.55 USD, which translates to a change percentage of +0.22%. The stock price hit a high of 246.94 USD, marking a change percentage of +0.93%.

      The total after-hours volume amounted to 14.092 million shares, contributing to the company’s market capitalization of 502.865 million USD.

      Notably, Visa Inc. has shown a robust market cap performance over the past year, boasting a significant increase of +16.44%.

      Team Visa for Paris 2024

      In addition to its strong market performance in the US stock market, Visa Inc. has also been making waves in the world of sports.

      The company, as the Worldwide Payment Technology Partner of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, has recently unveiled the current list of 117 athletes joining Team Visa for Paris 2024.

      This class is the largest group of Olympic and Paralympic athletes and hopefuls in the program’s history and the most diverse, representing more than 60 markets and 40 sports, including the new addition, Breaking.

      Team Visa Summit

      Visa organized the Team Visa Summit in Paris, which was a two-day, creator-led content master class focused on brand immersion and best practices for how athletes can tell their own stories within the broader creator economy.

      This summit aimed to help athletes further develop their skills as creators and find new and effective ways to communicate, engage, and inspire people around the world.

      Team Visa for Paris 2024 By the Numbers

      The Team Visa athlete program has championed more than 600 Olympic and Paralympic athletes since 2000.

      The athletes are selected based on their athletic achievements, community involvement, and alignment with Visa’s core values of equality, access, and inclusion. Paris 2024 Team Visa highlights:

      • 117 Olympic and Paralympic athletes from 60+ markets, including eight new markets (Austria, Armenia, Belgium, Cyprus, Malta, Slovakia, Uzbekistan, Honduras)
      • Ages 15-48 with the highest percentage of women athletes in program history
      • 40 sports, including the new Paris 2024 sport: Breaking
      • 175 medals collectively, with 15 athletes competing in their first Olympic or Paralympic Games
      • More than 45 million combined social followers across Team Visa athletes

      Final Thoughts

      Visa Inc. has consistently demonstrated its commitment to innovation and inclusivity in the financial world and beyond.

      Its recent after-hours performance and the creation of the largest and most diverse Team Visa for Paris 2024 are testament to the company’s relentless pursuit of excellence.

      To learn more about Visa’s support of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, visit Visa’s sponsorship page. To stay updated with Visa Inc.’s market performance and other relevant financial news, stay tuned.

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