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      AMP – What is the Chart Showing Us? - Stocks Telegraph

      By Ammar Mukhtar

      Published on

      December 23, 2021

      6:06 AM UTC

      AMP – What is the Chart Showing Us? - Stocks Telegraph

      At the time of writing AMP is being traded at the rate of $0.04896 with an increase of almost 2.27% within the last 24 hours.

      The low within this tenure was around $0.04761 and the high was approximately $0.05735. The coin as being in the watchlist of many traders makes it rank all the way up to number 66th according to the latest data released by coin market cap.

      AMP made its all-time high in the month of June 2021 where it reached an enormous amount of $0.121. At the moment it has a daily volume of $29,833,699 with an increase of about 33.63% within the last 24 hours. The total supply of the coin is now around 99B and the circulating supply is also 42.23B. AMP has a dominance of 0.09%.

      The top exchanges for trading it are currently Binance, ByBit,

      Technical Analysis 

      AMP has one of the most beautiful movements as can be seen on the chart. The price of the coin has been moving into a range. The trend line has been drawn to show you the channel. The price has broken outwards of this channel. This means that the price is bullish and we can soon big green candles from the price.

      AMP - 1D

      The price has broken out of the channel and is on its way to retest the level. If the price fails to hold the retest level, we can expect a drop to $0.046. If the price holds the level, it can shoot upwards. Another confluence is the presence of equal highs which can drive the price upwards. From here, we can expect the price to creating higher highs and higher lows.  Overall, lower time frame confirmations should be taken into consideration to have a cleaner entry into the market. AMP is bullish.

      Price Prediction – AMP 

      The coin has been a slow gainer. Nevertheless, the people have gained a lot, based on this coin. In the long run, traders are highly bullish on the project. The price of AMP has retraced back and is around the same price it had around the month of August. According to the wallet investor, AMP is a good investment. The price of the coin is to reach a value of $0.0643 in a year. In five years, the price is expected to reach around $0.130.

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