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      An Uptick In Gannett (GCI) Stock After Favorable Rating

      By Fahim Awan

      Published on

      December 13, 2023

      6:04 PM UTC

      An Uptick In Gannett (GCI) Stock After Favorable Rating

      Gannett Co., Inc. (NYSE: GCI) experienced a notable uptick of 16.93%, reaching $2.21 during the regular trading session on Tuesday. This surge was precipitated by a favorable endorsement from financial analyst entity Compass Point, which bestowed a “Buy” rating upon GCI stock. Notably, GCI stock garnered the attention of Compass Point, which, in its inaugural assessment of the stock, designated a price target of $5.

      In a strategic move last week, Gannett (GCI) declared its affiliation with LOT Network, the preeminent patent licensing platform and non-profit consortium. LOT Network comprises global enterprises united in shielding their members from legal actions initiated by patent assertion entities (PAEs). This collective commitment within the LOT Network is dedicated to shielding members from unwarranted litigation posed by PAEs.

      Under the aegis of the LOT Network, members mutually agree that should a fellow member’s patent assets become subject to PAE control, other members automatically receive a license for that patent. This provision bestows immunity upon them against any PAE lawsuits exploiting the same patent. The LOT Network boasts a roster of members encompassing industry giants and pioneering startups, all deeply devoted to sustained protection against PAE litigation.

      Gannett’s decision to integrate into the LOT Network serves as a strategic maneuver to fortify its brands against potential PAE litigation. This move is pivotal in maintaining an unwavering focus on innovation and revenue generation. By aligning with like-minded entities, GCI positions itself within a consortium that recognizes the indispensability of the patent process for continual corporate safeguarding, growth, and advancement.

      Gannett’s participation in the LOT Network is poised to mitigate the risks associated with litigation and patent-troll lawsuits, affording the company the liberty to channel resources toward pioneering initiatives. This proactive measure not only safeguards against potential legal challenges but underscores Gannett’s dedication to fortifying its standing as a trailblazer in the digitally-centric media industry and marketing solutions domain.

      As Gannett affiliates itself with over four thousand other entities within the LOT Network, this membership not only signals a proactive stance on intellectual property but also conveys an unwavering commitment to fortifying the broader media ecosystem.

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