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      Analyst Upgrade Pushes KNX Stock Higher

      By Fahim Awan

      Published on

      October 23, 2023

      12:50 PM UTC

      Last Updated on

      October 23, 2023

      12:51 PM UTC

      Analyst Upgrade Pushes KNX Stock Higher

      Knight-Swift Transportation Holdings Inc. (NYSE: KNX) exhibited notable momentum during Friday’s trading session, concluding the weekend with a commendable 11.75% upturn, settling at $51.27. This surge was further accentuated by a considerable surge in trading volume, exceeding 8 million shares, in stark contrast to the standard daily volume of roughly 2 million shares. The primary catalyst behind this remarkable performance was a recent recommendation from a financial analyst.

      JP Morgan, on Friday, not only elevated its recommendation for Knight-Swift Transportation, shifting it from “Underweight” to a more “Neutral” stance, but also took the initiative to revise its target price. The previous target set for KNX shares by the financial institution stood at $54, but it was then adjusted to $57.

      Knight-Swift Transportation, after the stock market’s conclusion last Thursday, unveiled strong income expansion in its Q3, proudly displaying a 6.5% spike in its top-tier results, hitting $2.02 billion. This outperformed the original projections, which had set the number at $1.89 billion, partially thanks to the triumphant takeover of U.S. Xpress. This growth was primarily driven by its full truckload business, witnessing a remarkable 22% rise in revenue, excluding the fuel surcharge, tallying up to $1.17 billion.

      However, profitability within this pivotal segment experienced a decline due to a challenging operational environment characterized by ongoing soft demand and an uptick in fuel costs. The adjusted operating ratio exhibited a noticeable uptick, rising from 81.8% from a year ago to 94.9%, albeit showing slight improvement from the previous quarter.

      Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, the company has recently been conducting successful trials of Cummins’ innovative X15N natural gas engine in Southern California. This initiative has led to significant reductions in NOx and greenhouse gas emissions, all while maintaining optimal performance levels. These endeavors reflect KNX’s commitment to adopting the most dependable and efficient technologies available, ones that aid in reducing its carbon footprint.

      Knight-Swift Transportation has set forth an ambitious goal to curtail CO2 emissions generated by its fleet by a substantial 50% by the year 2035. The collaboration with Cummins is viewed by KNX as highly promising, particularly with the 15L renewable natural gas technology. The company remains steadfast in its determination to ensure that the capabilities and economics associated with this technology align with the diverse requirements of its extensive fleet.

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