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      Bruker Corporation (BRKR) stock is booming to 7.39% in aftermarket – What’s going on? - Stocks Telegraph

      By Mahrukh Rehan

      Published on

      November 26, 2021

      6:55 AM UTC

      Bruker Corporation (BRKR) stock is booming to 7.39% in aftermarket – What’s going on? - Stocks Telegraph

      Bruker Corporation (BRKR) saw a push of 7.39% in the aftermarket. However, the last trading session closed at $77.3 with a decline of 0.48%.

      BRKR announces Collaborative Advances – What’s up?

      On 16th November 2021, Bruker Corporation reported significant advancements in collision cross-section (CCS) enabled 4D proteomics processes on the unique timsTOF multiomics platform. Complex sample preparation techniques that were not easily automated have stifled the widespread use of proteomics. However, BRKR is pleased to announce that the BRKR is working with industry-leading partners to create higher-performance, automated processes in critical areas such as proteomics of single cells, plasma, and tissues.

      What’s Next?

      On the cellenONE single-cell separation and nanoliter dispensing robotic platform, Bruker has signed a co-marketing agreement with Cellenion. Moreover, timsTOF SCP users now have an end-to-end solution. This has all been possible because of collaboration with Cellenion on label-free 4D single-cell proteomics (SCP).

      The cellenONE technology is a one-of-a-kind single-cell isolation and nanoliter dispensing device. It allows for high-throughput, automated dispensing of individual cells from cell suspensions while preserving the live cell’s integrity. Last but not least, it’s also ideal for reagent distribution, allowing for more compact sample preparation techniques on isolated cells.

      Third Quarter 2021 Results

      BRKR reported third-quarter 2021 results on 1st November 2021. The company announced revenues of $608.9 million, with a 19.1% increase compared to revenues of $511.4 million in the third quarter of 2020. Moreover, GAAP operating income came out to be $113.2 million whereas the non-GAAP operating income was $125.4 million. Last but not the least, GAAP and non-GAAP EPS increased as compared to the third quarter of 2020. This has only been possible because of higher operating income and a lower tax rate.

      So what?

      The company’s high-performance equipment and solutions continue to be in great demand from customers. Moreover, Bruker’s revenues, margins, and EPS all significantly increased year over year in the third quarter of 2021. Despite supply chain problems, the teams continue to innovate and execute successfully. In addition, BRKR is raising its expectations for the whole year of 2021 and expects outstanding outcomes.

      About BRKR

      BRKR is allowing scientists to make ground-breaking discoveries and develop innovative applications that will enhance people’s lives. Scientists may investigate life and materials at molecular, cellular, and microscopic levels using Bruker’s elevated scientific tools and advanced problem-solving and diagnostic solutions.

      In life science genetic and cell biology research, applied and pharma applications, microscopy, and nano analysis, as well as industrial applications. Lastly, BRKR is enabling development, higher efficiency, and consumer experience in close collaboration with the clients.

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