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      BSQUARE Corporation (BSQR) stock surged in the after-market trading session; here’s why - Stocks Telegraph

      By ST Staff

      Published on

      June 29, 2021

      6:16 AM UTC

      Last Updated on

      July 14, 2021

      7:39 AM UTC

      BSQUARE Corporation (BSQR) stock surged in the after-market trading session; here’s why - Stocks Telegraph

      BSQUARE Corporation (BSQR) stock had surged in the after-hours trading session by 12.60% to $2.95 at the last check. BSQR stock previously closed the session on Monday and gained 8.26% at $2.62. The BSQR stock volume traded 0.55 million shares. In the past year up to date, BSQR stock has surged by 72.37%, and in the past week has jumped up by 15.93%. In the past three and six months, the stock has shed -20.36%, and 94.07%.

      What you need to know about BSQUARE Corporation

      BSQUARE Corporation is a software application company that specifically provides software and software related solution as well as engineering services to clients. These services and operations are used to develop, commercialize and sell unique intelligent programs and systems. The BSQR stock operates in North America, Asia as well as Europe. There are two divisions to the company’s portfolio which includes Partner Solutions and Edge to Cloud.

      The clients of the company require solutions to problems of manufacturing and operations of connects devices which is what BSQUARE provides. The company also provides software for the cloud-enablement and interconnection of devices to create an intelligent system. Furthermore, the company sells Internet of Things specifically reselling Windows related products along with Abode and McAfee related system utility software.

      The company also provides licensing agreements, tech support consultancy, support for manufacturing which also include operating system’s administration and installation, IoT configuration, data engineering and professional outsourcing.

      The client base of BSQR stock includes design manufacturers, peripheral and silicon vendors. The company’s origin are from 1994 and is established in Seattle, Washington.

      The recent activities taking place inside the operations and balance sheet of BSQR stock

      The month of June has been relatively quiet for the press news activities and operations-related news. However during this time, the stock of the company is still experiencing its usual trajectory and oscillations this is because behind the stage, there are still previously mentioned prospects that are still relevant for which investors are making trading decisions in a certain stock as well as fundamental analysis.

      The last announcement by BSQUARE is in the month of May where the company announced after two weeks, the financial result of its first-quarter 2021. The company faced a significant loss in its fundamental analysis due to a decrease in the revenue by 10% to $10 million. BSQR stock displayed an increase net loss by $0.7 million to $0.9 million compared to year over year same period. The total cash on hands with BSQUARE had decreased by $2.6 million from December 31, 2020. Furthermore, the EBITDAS of the company also faced a $0.7 million decrease compared to the previous year same period.

      The major reduction in revenue came from the Partner Solutions segment due to the disruption caused by the pandemic. However, there is still good news as the company’s Edge to Cloud segment saw an increase in its revenue which is also due to shift in the work culture to online and cloud stirred by the pandemic disruption. Furthermore, the company made its operations more efficient by cutting down on costs and reducing office costs which lead to decreased total operating expenses.

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