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      Market has Moved Upwards. The development Continues - Stocks Telegraph

      By Ammar Mukhtar

      Published on

      July 21, 2022

      6:18 PM UTC

      Market has Moved Upwards. The development Continues - Stocks Telegraph
      • At the time of writing, BTC is being traded at the price of $23k. In the past 24 hours, the price of BTC has dropped by almost 2.5% but this drop came after BTC’s rally towards the upside and can be seen as a healthy correction but overall the trajectory is still bearish.
      • In the past 24 hours, ETH has lost about 3% of its value. AT the time of writing, ETH is being traded at the price of almost $1,500. Ethereum (ETH) recently decoupled from BTC and we saw a surge in its price as it was leading the market.
      • Coinbase said it had not provided funding to pained crypto organizations Celsius, Three Arrows Capital, and Voyager. Notwithstanding, Coinbase did have a nonmaterial investment in Terraform Labs.
      • IBEX Mercado, the organization behind El Salvador’s BTC launch, declared that it has collaborated with crypto wallet OSMO Wallet to carry out a BTC payment and transaction system in Guatemala to empower its residents to purchase, sell, and pay with BTC at organizations of retail interests.
      • The US Department of Justice declared an objection recorded in the District of Kansas to relinquish crypto payment as a payoff to North Korean hackers as ransom.
      • Meta, the owner of the two most popular social media platforms Instagram and Facebook, has collaborated with digital style and designer DressX to give outfits to its new digital Avatars.
      • Blockchain security firm Holborn brought USD 90m up in a development value funding round driven by Summit Partners. The organization means to give a set-up of items and administrations intended to distinguish and close weaknesses in Web3 applications

      The Fear Stays in the Market

      In order to find the sentiments and general mindset of the market, developers have created a tool known as Greed and Fear Index. This tool uses many different features such as volume, momentum, social media trends, and other things to rule the sentiments out of 100. When the index is closer to zero, it is fear in the market and when it is close to 100, it means there is greed in the market.

      Today, with the BTC dropping so hard, the index currently stands at the level of 34. Compared to the last week, this index is currently very good (It was at 18 last week and 9 in the last month). This means that the people are highly skeptical about taking positions in the market as they fear losing their investments.

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