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      Casper – The final evolution of Ethereum - Stocks Telegraph

      By Muskan

      Published on

      October 13, 2021

      5:17 AM UTC

      Casper – The final evolution of Ethereum - Stocks Telegraph

      With the rise in popularity of the blockchain technology, the market has been flooded by new blockchain projects – each of which tries to set itself apart from the crowd. The blockchain technology is nascent which presents a lot of hurdles for a mass-scale adoption. The ease of use is a major hurdle for many enterprises and individuals trying to incorporate this technology. Casper is trying to solve this problem by having created a blockchain that is easy to use with many customizable features. Moreover, it employs a technology which is considered to be the final stage of Ethereum. In this guide, we will discuss what Casper is and how is it the final evolution of Ethereum. 

      What is Casper? 

      Casper is an enterprise-grade blockchain which has been curated to enable enterprises in creating their own blockchain-based products. It is a Layer-1 blockchain with the Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism. It was created with the aim of solving the current problems that enterprise-grade blockchains face. However, it does all of that without compromising on any other essential key features – like security, scalability and speed. 

      Casper achieves it goal by employing features unique to the project. The platform has upgradable smart contracts. Users can alter smart contracts once they have been deployed, enabling them to fix any problems or bugs with the smart contracts. This technology helps enterprises in creating scalable products that adapts to the changing needs of consumers. Casper also has many developer-friendly features. It utilizes Rust and WebAssembly – two of the most commonly used programming languages. It also has a built-in tool which converts code from another programming language, Solidity, into Rust. Some of the other offerings of the platform are low gas fees and weighed keys. 

      The final evolution of Ethereum 

      Casper has employed the Casper Correct by Construction (CBC) consensus which was conceived by Vlad Zamfir – one of the developers who help build Ethereum. The current consensus of Casper, Highway Protocol, is based on the original CBC. Ethereum is migrating to a Proof-of-Stake consensus to complete its migration to Ethereum 2.0; however, that is not the end. Ethereum is expected to move to Ethereum 3.0 which will employ a protocol similar to CBC. 

      Hence, Casper is regarded to be the final evolution of Ethereum. It has already employed the consensus that Ethereum will in its final stage. The Casper network has gone through extensive development with the mainnet being launched in March 2021. So, the network has plenty of time to continue to grow. 

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