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      Crypto-Market’s Top Performers of the Week - Stocks Telegraph

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      October 27, 2022

      6:06 PM UTC

      Crypto-Market’s Top Performers of the Week - Stocks Telegraph

      During the week, as the wider crypto-market shifted gears into a bullish drive, several cryptocurrencies shot up and broke prior records, indicating a renewed sense of confidence and optimism. Many cryptocurrencies, as a result of these market trends, made it to new highs that had never been previously surpassed. As of the writing of this article, these digital currencies were as follows:

      ATH Coins

      Krypton Dao

      Krypton Dao (KRD) took off like never before since its market circulation going back to May of this year. This rise had been taking place for over a week, with KRD starting off at $0.49, taking substantial jumps, and setting new baseline prices. With each day, the cryptocurrency set a new ATH and eventually made history by crossing the $1 mark. At present, KRD is trading at an ATH of $1.13. It is unlikely for this rocketing growth to continue further, considering that trade volume in the last 3 days has fallen from almost $14 million to below $700,000.


      Kompete, after remaining stable and unchanged since mid-August, finally saw its fate take a turn this week, when developers announced a cutdown of transaction fees from 12% to 1%. The cryptocurrency made it from $0.0082 to an ATH of $0.0253 in only two days, setting a new ATH, and breaking the prior record set in April of this year. During these two days, trade volume has surged from $70,000 to over $1 million, presently.

      Cramer Coin

      Cramer Coin is a month-old coin that has been on a persistent climb for the last 10 days when its price stood at $0.0013. During the last three days, Cramer continuously broke records, setting new highs. The last 24 hours saw the coin rise by an additional 17%, which once again raised the bar, and placed its ATH at $0.0067. This figure reflects a 500% jump from its all-time low, just a month ago.


      CortexDAO (CXD) has shown volatile and jerky movement throughout the last month, with the market undecided as to hold a bullish or bearish position on its outlook. The crypto-asset has come a long way, after experiencing a deadly low of $0.0127 in September. Since Monday, however, CXD has only been looking upward climbing at a record pace, and is presently trading at an ATH of $0.01764.


      Nitroshiba (NISHIB) had been taking somewhat of a beating barely a month ago, falling to a low of $0.000128. Ever since that point, however, it has only been a positive sailing ship for NISHIB. The last week, in particular, is when the cryptocurrency began climbing in full throttle, from $0.00050 to an ATH met today of $0.00154. Supporters of NISHIB on social media are obsessively pushing for a pump to take the cryptocurrency to $0.01.

      Top Movers (24H)

      Given an influx of bullish sentiment in the market, in recent days, not only have cryptocurrencies been winning in terms of their all-time highs being achieved, but also in terms of their price movements. A number of cryptocurrencies delivered substantial, winning gains to their holders during a 24-hour time bracket, with many likely to push forward with this strong momentum. At the time of writing this Stocks Telegraph issue, the following names stand as being among the top movers of the last 24 hours:


      Galaxia (GXA) undertook a phenomenal rise today, after its jump from $0.0049 to its present price of $0.0146, in a matter of barely 5 hours. During these few hours, daily trade volume has also surged from $55,000 to over $3 million. This price gain amounts to an impressive 182% and based on the volume jump and early phase of the rise is likely to continue upward throughout the course of the day.


      Porta (KIAN) witnessed a rise today to which no other cryptocurrency comes close. KIAN saw an influx in its trade volume earlier today, which shot up from $49,000 to over $700,000 in a matter of hours. This coincided with a tremendous price jump from $0.0003 to a peak of $0.0050, translating to a whopping 1566% climb, in just a single day. In the falls and corrective rises that followed, KIAN’s daily gains presently stand at a remarkable 1300%, delivering fortunes to those heavily exposed to its price movements.


      FIFA-Laeeb (LAEEB), which has been in circulation since late September, has undergone its largest single-day rise, almost tripling its price to $0.0000000073. Its volume has jumped by over 300% in the last day, suggesting the net gains could extend beyond 200%, as the day progresses. The hype around LAEEB centers around Brazilian football fans, in a trend of FIFA crypto-assets climbing as the world cup fast approaches next month.


      AMATERAS (AMT) earlier today, exploded in price seemingly out of nowhere, doubling from $0.0036 to $0.0083, in an instantaneous manner. This phenomenal crypto-jump takes AMT to its highest price in the last 45 days and reflects a sudden shift in attitude about its prospects. Social media chatter indicates attempts of a coordinated pump, which is reflected in the volume rise from $100,000 to almost $2.4 million today. The result was a spectacular 131% climb.

      Doge Coin

      Doge Coin too is worth mentioning on our list of winners, despite its relatively small gain of 21%, in a single day. What is most noteworthy about this crypto-meme king, is its sheer trade volume exceeding $2 billion, as of present. This hype seems to link directly to Elon Musk’s successful Twitter acquisition deal. Elon Musk is a public and influential Doge supporter, with the coin increasingly turning into a proxy for public sentiment toward the billionaire.

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