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      Crypto Winners & Losers this Week - Stocks Telegraph

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      December 14, 2022

      7:33 AM UTC

      Crypto Winners & Losers this Week - Stocks Telegraph

      With the anticipation by many of crypto’s cold winter finally coming to an end, market bulls have been activated, and found to be rallying up the prices of several cryptocurrencies. In wake of this bullish resurgence, a number of crypto-names have achieved tremendous gains over the prior week. At the time of the writing of this newsletter, these top weekly gainers are as follows:


      Top Weekly Gainers


      EarthFund (1EARTH) stands as a clear winner this week, given its epic rise from $0.0011 to $0.0066, in only seven days. This price trajectory translates to a 500% climb and holds a trading volume of over $10 million. This US-registered project supports greenery and sustainability causes and aims to empower local communities and nature, through the power of blockchain. The appeal of such a project is evident in its sustained rise.


      Another name in the crypto-sphere that has been performing phenomenally this last week has been NetZero (NZERO). The cryptocurrency has more than tripled its price from $0.058 to $0.198, all in merely seven days. The project is a vocal proponent of the proof-of-stake concept for its low energy cost and has been gaining popular support amid rising electricity costs which make mining unfeasible.


      MakiSwap (MAKI) is another that proved to be a wild success during the week after it successfully managed to almost quadruple its price. Its price curve saw it start off the week at $0.0014, and explode yesterday to a high of $0.0057. Presently, MAKI is trading at $0.0055, translating to a net weekly gain of 292%. In the last 24 hours, MAKI saw its trade volume surge from less than $100,000 to over $2 million.


      hiDOODLES has also been on a roll lately, delivering hefty triple-digit growth, much to the delight of all its crypto-holders. The cryptocurrency has been on a slow rise for most of the week until its sudden price explosion of over 300%. Over the course of the week, its net gains are presently 163%. It has been enjoying a sudden surge in market hype since its listing on Kucoin.


      Holders of CAT experienced a terrific upward climb after its sustained price shoot-up of 155%, over the prior week. This meme token is the newest name in the meme-coin world and is poising to be a worthy competitor to canine-themed coins such as Doge. It’s recent listing on Coin Gecko adds to its overall popularity, and partly explains its recent upward price surge.

      Top Weekly Losers

      With many in the market highly optimistic about the future trajectory of the market, a number of participants have been letting go of their stakes, expecting things to take a downward turn. A number of crypto-assets have seen a hard plummet in recent days. Some of these names are as follows.


      Rubic (RBC) made it to today’s list of top weekly losers, given its price loss from $0.0222 to its present low of $0.0040, all over the span of a single week. Although the damage had been limited throughout the week, it was not until yesterday that RBC plunged hard, losing over 80% of its crypto price in a single day. Its net loss for the whole week presently exceeds 88%.


      Another losing name from this week is CryptoFi (CFI), the weekly loss of which is presently over 72%. The cryptocurrency was off to a strong start in the week, which saw it climb from $0.00097 to $0.00284. This impressive rise saw a rapid correction, as the bears got the better of its price trend, resulting in its present price of $0.00025. At present, CFI’s trade volume is stable at over $900,000.


      Following several complaints from its crypto community, FunFi (FNF) saw a hard price sell-off during the week, resulting in a net weekly price loss of over 45%. With little information regarding the development team, and periodic token dumps, many are calling FNF to be a scam, hence the overall sense of skepticism surrounding it.


      Holders of ZigZag (ZZ) experienced a thrilling roller-coaster ride this week with unpredictable ups and downs dominating its trend. Eventually, however, as crypto volume began climbing to sizeable levels, market bears gained the upper hand, taking ZZ down from $5.32 to merely $0.82. Accounting for this week’s rises and falls, ZigZag has lost 60% in the last seven days.


      Handy has shown to have an extremely volatile crypto-price curve over the last seven days, with both its price and volume figures taking unpredictable jumps. The overall direction for the cryptocurrency, however, has been overwhelmingly bearish, after it shed over 65% of its price in merely 7 days.

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