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      Crypto Winners of the Week - Stocks Telegraph

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      November 4, 2022

      9:59 AM UTC

      Crypto Winners of the Week - Stocks Telegraph

      Throughout the course of the week, a number of crypto names have performed spectacularly. A lot of these names, riding the wave of positive market sentiment, have broken prior records and made it to all-time highs. At the time of this writing, the following cryptocurrencies made it to unprecedented new highs:

      ATH Crypto Names

      Son of Doge

      Son of Doge (SOD) is a crypto name that embarked on a price take-off this week, in a manner that it had not previously done in the four months it has been in the trade. In fact, the last three days saw it shoot up from $0.00071 to an all-time high of $0.00094. As part of the dogecoin family, SOD also has been seeing rising popularity after Elon Musk’s Twitter acquisition.

      Square Token

      Square Token (SQUA) also took off phenomenally this week, in a rise from $23.35 to an ATH witnessed today of $63.64. SQUA’s present daily trade volume of over $5 million, is the highest it has seen since late June, indicating record interest in the token. This indicates that it may continue its upward climb to cover even more unchartered territory throughout the day.

      Kindly Coin

      Kindly Coin (KIND), the humanitarian blockchain player, after two months of decline, has finally exploded in price in a manner that was never seen before. KIND took off from $0.054 to $0.150 in an instantaneous manner. However, much to the dismay of its holders, this peak saw an immediate price correction to $0.059, making the joys short-lived. Volume has declined by over 15% in the last 24 hours, making a further take-off highly unlikely.

      Battle for Giostone 

      Battle for Giostone (BFG) after a volatile 20 days of trade, has finally succeeded in breaking its earlier ATH record from last Saturday of $0.0567, earlier today. BFG rose to $0.0572, after a spectacular volume surge, bringing in impressive gains for its holders. These high points in such quick succession likely indicate that this new crypto-market entrant is possibly on an upward trajectory, set to establish a stable price that its holders a comfortable with.


      Dotori (DTR) also made a breakthrough yesterday, setting a new price record it had never seen before since being launched in the market, in May of this year. DTR shot up to $3.85, at the point when its volume instantaneously surged to over $12 million. The crypto asset is clearly riding a bullish wave and has seen an additional price surge of 10% earlier today.

      Top Movers (24H)

      Keeping true to the resurgence of interest in the cryptocurrency market, as well as its increasing status as a safe-haven asset, many on the fence have given in, and are starting to begin investing in various crypto names. Those that already held long positions are clearly upping their holdings too. As a result, a number of cryptocurrencies have surged dramatically in price, within the last 24 hours. At the time of writing this Stocks Telegraph article, these were as follows:

      Good Dog

      Good Dog (HEEL) undertook a legendary price appreciation today as it ballooned by over an incredible 800% from $0.045 to $0.408. HEEL has remarkably maintained these gains, with its volume fast rising to the $1 million mark, indicating that this is far from a short-term peak. The hype around Good Dog comes after developers released the official white paper for upcoming NFT plans on its official Telegram platform.

      Green Trust Token

      Green Trust Token (GNT) also has been on a high-speed rocket today, climbing by more than 820% in a single day. The price explosion, accompanied by a trading volume of over $3 million, took GNT to its highest point since December 2021. With no recent updates, however, a number of crypto traders have pointed out that a dump may likely be inevitable after this pump. As a result, investors are calling for others to tread with caution on this beastly rise.

      Kitsune Inu

      Kitsune Inu (KITSUNE), took on a monumental climb today of nearly 430%, taking it to a high of $0.00000037. As the day continued, however, these gains had leveled down to 350%, which is still remarkable, to say the least. KITSUNE caught the market’s attention after its plans to launch 100 hand-drawn NFTs, which, in a domino effect, led to its present winning performance for the day.


      Memecoin (MEM) rose unexpectedly today from $0.027 in price to $0.080, translating to a crypto appreciation of almost 200%. MEM saw a volume surge earlier in the day from $25,000 to almost $4 million suggesting a coordinated, rather than organic price movement. After falling somewhat from its daily high, Memecoin still stands at doubling its price for the day.


      RSS3 developers, earlier today announced an integration of meta content onto their platform to support a unified and crypto-enabled Web3. The resulting wave of support had been evident in the market, as bulls drove up RSS3 price from $0.14 to $0.33. Volume too has been rising tremendously from $2 million to nearly $12 million in the last day alone. Following the volatility after this epic rise, the net gain for the day stands at 86%.

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