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      Cryptocurrencies That Went Big Today - Stocks Telegraph

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      August 19, 2022

      9:15 AM UTC

      Cryptocurrencies That Went Big Today - Stocks Telegraph

      Turning towards coins that hit their all-time highs (ATH) is a great way to seek guidance amidst market ambiguity. Despite unclear sentiments, and a lack of certainty regarding future direction, ATH coins represent crypto-assets that have been booming, despite broader conditions. The interest of traders in these coins could potentially hold momentum that is worth betting upon.

      As of the writing of this newsletter, the following cryptocurrencies hit the ATH mark:

      ATH Coins


      Mancium (MANC) was among the big winners of recent days, which reached a peak price of $2.30 a coin on Wednesday. Its explosive surge traces back to Saturday when it was priced at a mere $0.68. MANC had been climbing rapidly ever since, and yesterday briefly spiked up from $1.88 to an impressive $2.30. This shoot-up was brief in nature and corrected almost immediately, yet MANC continues its impressive rise of the last week, with no sign of reversal.

      All Sports1

      All Sports (SOC) is another name that reached an all-time high, in a steady trend since going back to late June of this year. In the nearly 50 days since, SOC has been on a roll, consistently reaching new heights. Most recently it made a new record, reaching a new ATH of $0.0147, which reflects a nearly 500% rise in this time period. Based on this momentum, it seems highly likely for SOC to continue to climb through to unmarked territory.


      MEVerse (MEV) was amongst the coins that portrayed one of the most remarkable price surges, eventually resulting in it achieving an all-time high of $0.038. MEV has been in circulation barely more than a month, trading not far from its initial price range of close to 0.0166. Without much movement, MEV took investors by storm when it shot up in a matter of hours from $0.013 to $0.038. It almost tripled in price and has caught the attention of crypto-coin enthusiasts.

      Ethereum PoS on Poloniex

      Ethereum PoS on Poloniex (ETHS) was another name amongst the rising crpyto-tokens, which also soared to an all-time high. ETHS, the new proof-of-stake token formed in light of the Ethereum 2.0 merger has been in circulation for barely 10 days. Within the first few hours of trade, ETHS fell to a trough of $1,586, which remains its all-time low. The next 5 days saw surging growth, with ETHS peaking at its ATH of $1,948 on Sunday. This trend is likely to continue and see the ETSH push past the $2,000 threshold.

      Wrapped CRO

      Wrapped CRO (WCRO) too had undertaken a record climb to a peak price of $0.157. WCRO has been in the trade for the last two weeks. Within its first 24-hours in trade, the price experienced a hard plummet, falling to a low of $0.141, which remains its ATL to this day. Ever since then, WCRO has been on a roll, surpassing prior day gains on a consecutive basis. Sunday saw WCRO reach its ATH of $0.157, indicating a steady yet sustainable 11% gain.

      Top Movers (24H)

      One area that cryptocurrency enthusiasts are especially concerned with is the chart of top movers in the last 24 hours. This is arguably one of the best metrics to keep updated with crypto markets. The winners of the day reflect where the most optimistic traders in the market are rallying towards, and thus which coins are most worth betting upon. 100 100 (CIX100) took the lead amongst the winners of the day, shooting up from $0.0357, right up to $0.0698, which reflected a jump of almost 95% in a few hours. At present CIX100 continues its volatile spikes and is yet to stabilize at a specific price range. The token had been issues by, which seeks to act as a one-stop platform for all those looking for robust analytics and updated information regarding the world of cryptocurrencies.


      DaoVerse (DVRS) also performed spectacularly, seeing a price jump from $0.029 to $0.100, denoting a jump of 245%, within a single day. DVRS has only been in circulation since the 9th of August and has remained relatively stable since then. It was not until yesterday that the DVRS’s volume saw a surge, indicating increasing interest around it. It was during this time the sharp price spike took place, with the day’s gains presently stabilized at 135%.


      MagicCraft (MCRT) continued its remarkable performance of the last 3 weeks, and stood as one of the top winning coins of the day. MCRT jumped today from $0.00898 to $0.0166, indicating an 85% single-day rise. This is especially impressive considering that its gains for the last week stand at 127%, and for the last 30 days at a whopping 884%. These figures suggest rocketing momentum which makes MCRT a fighter, and not just a one-hit wonder for the day.


      The cryptocurrency, Deesse (LOVE) also made the news given its nearly 43% single-day jump from $0.00342 to $0.00503. At a certain point during the day, the gains peaked at 110% and were eventually corrected to their present level. Just a week ago, LOVE was trading at almost a third of its present price, indicating its growth spurt has been on the swing for the last few days. Its 7-day jump of 190% further enhances the fact that LOVE has many bulls backing it, resulting in a rallying up of its price.

      Santos FC Fan Token (SANTOS)

      Santos FC Fan Token (SANTOS), the sports token for Santos FC fans, also made its mark today as being amongst the big cryptocurrency winners. Its jump from $5.77 to $9.06 indicates an impressive 57% rise. The gains for the week stand at 92.8%, and for the month amount to 135%. It clearly is pushing through to the top for the past weeks and is not seeing spontaneous and unsustainable price spikes.

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