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      Cryptocurrency adoption: Paying rent with Bitcoin? - Stocks Telegraph

      By Muskan

      Published on

      April 8, 2021

      7:22 AM UTC

      Cryptocurrency adoption: Paying rent with Bitcoin? - Stocks Telegraph

      After the cryptocurrency bull run of 2018, people grew increasingly skeptical of cryptocurrencies; however, the recent bull run is set to change the course of history with the pace at which cryptocurrencies are being adopted at a massive scale. From institutions discouraging the masses from crypto investing to them jumping on the bandwagon themselves.

      The masses have realized the potential that the block chain technology carry and with the world moving toward digitization cryptocurrencies being the standard mode of payment in the future appears to be a plausible reality.

      With PayPal accepting cryptocurrency payments, others are following suit. Caruso properties – one of the largest privately-held real estate firm in the US – has taken a bold step towards the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. The real-estate giant based in California is now going to enable tenets of commercial and retail properties to pay their rent in Bitcoin. Caruso is the largest real estate firm in the United States to be accepting Bitcoin as a mode of payment. The move is being facilitated by Gemini Exchange.

      Bitcoin – and other cryptocurrencies – are expected to account for a sizeable chunk of a lot of major firms’ balance sheets in the coming days as giants like Tesla and MicroStrategy are investing heavily in the digital asset. The world is truly moving towards a mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.

      Caruso properties quest in the crypto world does not end with Bitcoin. In fact, it is just the beginning. The firm has big plans of cryptocurrency integration. Caruso intends on bringing other cryptocurrencies, the block chain technology, dApps and non-fungible tokens over to the real estate giant.

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