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      DATS Explodes, Following Strategic Shift Towards Metaverse & NFTs - Stocks Telegraph

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      March 28, 2022

      4:14 PM UTC

      DATS Explodes, Following Strategic Shift Towards Metaverse & NFTs - Stocks Telegraph

      Amongst today’s current-market big winners, DatChat, Inc. (NASDAQ: DATS) seems to be at the forefront in terms of its gains. A mere 20 minutes into the session DATS pushed to $3.55, which was 88% above its previous close of $1.66. DATS is currently at a two-month peak, following a wider bearish slide going back to mid-October of last year. During the time, the stock was at its monumental peak, when it surpassed the $15 mark. Recently, the US-based software company has made the news, which explains the sudden surge in value, gathering market hype. These link to two strategic initiatives DatChat plans the undertake.

      DATS Entry into the Metaverse Realm

      DatChat Inc announced early today its plans to launch VenVuu, as a platform to push the company towards the domain of metaverse advertising. Given DatChat’s patented technology, brands would be able to use employ the company’s proprietary for the purposes of advertising. This is a high-value strategic initiative that is likely to result in tremendous growth realization for DATS. Being an early player in the metaverse realm, whilst focusing on commercial viability is a strategically positive move. Being an early mover in an industry bordering on explosive growth significantly enhances the present value of growth potential. This is reflected in the current price shoot-up.

      DATS Making a Move on NFTs

      In addition, in the metaverse realm, DATS is making a move on another highly strategic domain, which is that of NFTs. However, where everyone is rushing to step foot into this wildly popular space, DATS has managed to bring together the worlds of NFTS and the metaverse. Essentially, owning a token from within its NFT collections would be akin to owning a media outlet within one’s own metaverse world. Moreover, this ideally targets advertisers, or those looking to get out messages for broadcast within the metaverse. The company has stated that minting is expected to start as soon as next month.


      DATS is currently undergoing an explosive growth surge following months of little price movement. This links to its strategic initiatives to step into the realms of metaverse and NFTs. Through its innovative approach, and patented technologies, the company aims to bring these two dynamic spheres together, and unlock its full commercial potential for the purposes of broadcasting and advertising.

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