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      Despite Insider Selling, DOMO Stock Held Up Well

      By Fahim Awan

      Published on

      December 26, 2023

      1:43 PM UTC

      Despite Insider Selling, DOMO Stock Held Up Well

      Domo, Inc. (NASDAQ: DOMO) saw a little decrease of 0.64% to close at $10.04 during the long weekend, nearly stabilizing the stock on US charts. DOMO shares stabilized even after an insider sale.

      The CTO and EVP of Engineering of DOMO, Daren Thayne, sold 6,690 shares in the company, according to a document filed with the SEC on Friday. At $9.88 a share, the executive closed the deal with total proceeds of $66,097.

      Furthermore, DOMO announced last week that its data experience platform could now be purchased via the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, an online store that sells apps and services for Azure users. For DOMO customers, the Azure cloud platform now enables quicker deployment and management.

      Additionally, Domo declared that it has joined the Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC) initiative. This makes it possible for qualified companies to use their Azure consumption commitment to directly purchase Domo’s data experience platform through the Azure Marketplace.

      The Domo platform has exponential value, and by realizing all of its potential, users may improve productivity, efficiency, and business outcomes on a regular basis, significantly impacting their businesses. Because of its partnership with Azure, including the option to buy Domo through the Azure Marketplace, DOMO is better able to fulfill its goal of providing clients with the most up-to-date, data-driven insights and experiences through robust connections.

      Through AI-powered data experiences, clear analytics, and a secure data foundation that links business data systems, Domo’s cloud-native platform makes data work for everyone. Domo enables users to examine data and take appropriate action, hence streamlining everyday operations and crucial business decisions.

      RJ Tracy was just named Vice President of Partners, Strategic Development, and Channel by DOMO. Tracy, who has a long history in the IT sector and a track record of directing fruitful strategic alliances, will be in charge of major modifications to Domo’s partner program, which coincides with the company’s ongoing expansion and innovation.

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