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      Did Anything Cause PIFR Stock To Rise 52%? - Stocks Telegraph

      By ST Staff

      Published on

      May 17, 2021

      8:25 AM UTC

      Last Updated on

      May 17, 2021

      8:33 AM UTC

      Did Anything Cause PIFR Stock To Rise 52%? - Stocks Telegraph

      Premier Information Management Inc (OTCPink: PIFR) closed at $0.0700 on Friday, up 52.17 percent. PIFR stock has traded in a day range of $0.0618 to $0.1100. The Premier Information stock recorded a gain of 12566.67% in the past 12 months with a 52-week high of $0.1100 and over $4.12M in market capitalization. As a result of the reverse merger news, the PIFR stock surged.

      Reverse merger in brief:

      It was announced on Friday that Premier Information had entered into a reverse merger agreement with Cannabinoid Biosciences, Inc. Latest information on this strategic move, along with other pertinent things provided by PIFR is as follows:

      1. A newly formed management team and an entirely new management infrastructure were the result of this reverse merger.
      2. As part of this transaction, no reverse split will take place, so current shareholders will not lose their positions, thus protecting the value of their existing investments.
      3. At the moment, the CBDX team consists of four key individuals with plans to ramp up as targeted acquisitions are rolled out.
      4. The share structure at OTC Markets is current as of past Friday.
      5. In addition to maintaining the company’s pink status on OTC Markets, this move will also require updating the company’s public disclosures.
      6. Following the appropriate time frame, the company will change its name and ticker symbol.

      Why PIFR issued a press release?

      Because Premier Information (PIFR) and Cannabinoid Biosciences both believe that the reverse merger agreement will work, the companies decided that a simple press release would be helpful. PIFR’s press release also clarifies recent inquiries about its long-term future.

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