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      Digital Dentistry Leap Is Driving 3D Systems (DDD) Higher

      By Fahim Awan

      Published on

      June 5, 2024

      1:30 PM UTC

      Digital Dentistry Leap Is Driving 3D Systems (DDD) Higher

      3D Systems Corporation (NYSE: DDD) has reported a significant update on its dental growth strategy, leading to a bullish trend in its stock performance during the pre-market session. As of the latest market check, DDD shares have surged by 12.68%, reaching $3.89 on US stock charts.

      Expanded Focus And Technology Roadmap

      3D Systems (DDD) unveiled an expanded focus and a comprehensive technology roadmap aimed at delivering the most extensive range of solutions in the burgeoning digital dentistry market. This portfolio encompasses solutions for the alignment, protection, repair, and replacement of teeth, making it the most extensive offering from any additive manufacturing solutions provider in the industry.

      Additionally, 3D Systems has entered into a multi-year purchase agreement valued at nearly a quarter-billion dollars through 2028. This contract supports the indirect manufacturing process for clear aligners, reinforcing the company’s established reputation as a key supplier of 3D printing technology in the clear aligner market.

      Currently, 3D Systems’ technology facilitates the production of approximately one million patient-specific clear aligners daily. The company views this milestone orthodontics contract as a robust foundation for launching the next phase of significant expansion in the dental market, which will include innovative technology for the direct printing of clear aligner products.

      Leadership In Digital Dentistry And Future Prospects

      3D Systems has solidified its leadership position in digital dentistry through an optimized workflow that enhances speed, productivity, efficiency, and precision, thereby improving the patient experience. The company’s proprietary Figure 4 technology powers the NextDent 5100 and NextDent materials, forming the cornerstone of a digital dentistry solution.

      This solution currently enables the production of trays, models, surgical guides, dentures, orthodontic splints, retainers, crowns, and bridges. Building on the success of its NextDent technologies, 3D Systems is now venturing into new oral applications such as night guards.

      The urge to stop night grinding, which affects millions of people globally, is driving up demand for night guards, which is why the industry is growing quickly. The use of night guard in the management of sleep apnea and associated conditions is also growing. The company anticipates that night guards will become a crucial component of its dental technology portfolio in the coming years.

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