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      Dominion Energy (D) Stock Rose After An Analyst Review

      By Fahim Awan

      Published on

      November 7, 2023

      12:54 PM UTC

      Dominion Energy (D) Stock Rose After An Analyst Review

      Dominion Energy, Inc. (NYSE: D) shares experienced a notable upswing of 4.54% during the last trading session, culminating at a closing price of $45.59. This surge in Dominion Energy’s stock value was instigated by an analyst’s favorable review earlier this week. Specifically, Barclays raised its recommendation for D stock from “Equal Weight” to “Overweight,” concurrently elevating the price target for Dominion Energy shares from $45 to $47.

      The revision in sentiment closely followed a comprehensive business review conducted by Dominion Energy (D) and disclosed last week. Within the context of this review, Dominion Energy has made substantial strides towards realigning the company’s operations to optimize long-term value for its shareholders, employees, customers, and various stakeholders. Despite these strategic adjustments, Dominion Energy remains steadfast in its core principles and commitments, and it is swiftly nearing the conclusion of this extensive review process.

      Notably, Dominion Energy has divulged that over the past year, it has fortified the resilience of its regulatory framework in Virginia while steadfastly maintaining its commitment to existing dividend policies. Moreover, the company has not only enhanced the quality of its earnings but also unveiled plans to divest assets that will significantly bolster its credit metrics.

      Dominion Energy continues to exhibit a disciplined approach to controlling operational and maintenance costs, while adhering to best practices in executive compensation and board rejuvenation, all the while delivering dependable, cost-effective, and increasingly eco-friendly energy solutions to its clientele on a daily basis. Furthermore, Dominion Energy’s fully regulated offshore wind project remains on schedule and within budget, poised to deliver more than $3 billion in fuel cost savings to customers during its initial decade of operation.

      Simultaneously, this endeavor is expected to generate numerous job opportunities and millions of dollars in local economic benefits. Additionally, Dominion Energy is at an advanced stage of the process aimed at identifying a non-controlling equity financing partner for the project. This effort has garnered considerable interest from attractive and high-caliber potential partners. However, any prospective partnership must be meticulously structured to ensure it aligns with the best interests of the company’s customers and shareholders.

      The culmination of Dominion Energy’s business review will be marked by the final determination regarding the inclusion of an offshore wind project partner. This represents the last strategic step in the review process and is fundamentally aligned with the long-term welfare of customers and shareholders. Dominion Energy anticipates reaching a decision either by the close of 2023 or in the early months of 2024.

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