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      Dusk Network – year in review - Stocks Telegraph

      By Muskan

      Published on

      December 29, 2021

      2:18 PM UTC

      Dusk Network – year in review - Stocks Telegraph

      Dusk Network has been one of the best performers in the recent timeframes as the cryptocurrency is under strong bullish pressures. The cryptocurrency entered a consolidation phase towards the end of November which ended on a negative note in December. After the initial downward move, the cryptocurrency departed on a strong uptrend which is still going strong. At the time of writing, the cryptocurrency stands at a price level of $0.88. The price has been moving up with a 66% gain during the past week and a 26% gain during the day. The cryptocurrency also established a new all-time high yesterday at a price level of $0.94. The bullish momentum does not appear to have ended yet so further upward pulls can be expected. 

      Recent developments 

      The year 2021 has been full of developments for Dusk Network. The network has amassed huge following and attention as it moves towards further developments with even getting coverage from Business insider. The network got listed on HitBTC, Bittrex Global, Bancor, 1inch, PancakeSwap and ByBit and as it nears the launch of its testnet, various other listings from major exchanges are also expected. The network launched its Dusk Protocol during the first quarter of 2021 and in just a short time span, it was able to achieve phenomenal growth and success. It also partnered up with Elrond, Ankr and Harmony for the development of the network during the first quarter. 

      In the second quarter, it successfully held its conference 2021 as well as announced the Helios Grant Program. After the incentivized testnet was launched, Dusk Network partnered up with Chainlink for privacy features to expand its horizon. In the third quarter the team focused on launching educational material for the network and also made major headway in its research and development. 

      In the final quarter of 2021, Dusk Network participated in World Ethereum Forum and RUST Developer Meetup – gaining more media coverage. Four of the major exchange listings also occurred during this quarter and the network also launched its second biannual report for 2021. 

      Dusk Network: Future outlook 

      The growth of Dusk Network has been phenomenal and the launch of the testnet in February 2022 is a highly anticipated event which will further boost the bullish outlook of the cryptocurrency. According to the estimates of Digital Coin Price, the cryptocurrency is expected to be operating at a price level of $1.47 in a year’s time while the five-year projection places it at $2.71. 

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