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      E-Home Household Service (EJH) Stock Aiming For The Skies - Stocks Telegraph

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      December 23, 2022

      10:42 AM UTC

      E-Home Household Service (EJH) Stock Aiming For The Skies - Stocks Telegraph

      The Chinese integrated housing services company, E-Home Household Service Holdings Limited (NASDAQ: EJH), has had a rough year, falling from $33 to below $0.40. However, EJH stock has suddenly found itself in the market spotlight, climbing by as much as 230% in the last week, and is presently trading at $1.40.

      E-Home Household’s and the Haixia Home Management College

      The management of E-Home Household has successfully negotiated an arrangement with the local Pingtan administration and high-profile investors and is all set to set up the Haixia Home Management College on the island. The vocational institute will be subject to several preferential policies from the government and is likely to alter the dynamics of the home care and elderly service industry within China. The college will be situated in the Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental zone and is likely to promote an innovative ecosystem with EJH at the head of it. The move broadly expands the company’s longer-term prospects and sustainability and hence is seeing a positive response from the wider market.

      The Broader Context for EJH

      Despite the technological advancements seen across Chinese industries, the home care and elderly service industries have been grossly lagging behind, with no attention to standards or regulations. EJH, therefore, aims to establish itself as a pioneer in an industry that holds the drastic potential to see improvement. Professionally training up to 50,000 individuals in the Haixia Home Management College on world-class home care standards and procedures bodes not only well for E-Home Household, but for the wider industry and a large demographic of China. EJH stock is very likely to take off with these sound conditions


      EJH appears to be settings its sights high, toward a grand vision. Its recent initiative to set up a vocational college in Pingtan points towards building a sound ecosystem to take the home service industry to new levels, inevitably resulting in its leadership position, within it.

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