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      E-Home Household Service Holdings Limited (EJH) stock Rebounds After Hours - Stocks Telegraph

      By Gule Rukhsar

      Published on

      December 29, 2021

      4:50 AM UTC

      Last Updated on

      December 29, 2021

      6:27 AM UTC

      E-Home Household Service Holdings Limited (EJH) stock Rebounds After Hours - Stocks Telegraph

      E-Home Household Service Holdings Limited (EJH) stock gained 12.59% after hours while it was trading in the red in the prior session. The stock seems to have rebounded in the after-hours session on Tuesday after being in the red for a few days.

      During the regular session, EJH stock fluctuated between a high of $1.55 and a low of $1.43, closing the session at $1.43. Hence, it lost 6.54% at 1.5 million shares. Soon in the after-hours, the stock reversed and started gaining to reach $1.61 at 1.09M shares.

      Currently, the company has a market capitalization of $51.38 million with its 33.58 million shares outstanding.

      What is Happening?

      While there is no news from the company, EJH stock seems to have rebounded after trading in the red. While the recent regular session did see a good volume of 118% of the 65-day average, the stock continued to fall. After losing $0.10 during the regular session, the stock regained its losses and almost doubles in value ($0.18).

      In the past five days, the stock has lost 13.86% while subtracting 33.49% last month. Moreover, EJH stock has declined by 45.0% in the past three months. Currently, the stock has entered green with good prospects, as it doubled in the after hours. Only the next session will tell if it will continue the recent bullish momentum or fall once again.

      EJH’s Recent Developments

      Founded in 2018, the household services company EJH is headquartered in China. Some of the recent developments in the company include:

      Internet and Smart Pension Program

      On December 07, the company announced the 2022 full placement promotion of “Internet and Smart Pension”. Moreover, Fujian, Shandong, Guangxi, and other places in China are included in the operational region of the project company. Furthermore, the project members are almost 100,000. Significant growth of members is expected as it expands to major cities in 2022.

      The “Internet plus smart elderly care” is EJH’s technological information service platform. Through this platform, the elderly would be able to contact the service platform using any internet tool like a wristwatch. In response, the platform’s personnel will take care of the required service. Moreover, the children of the elderly can stay informed of the parent’s health and activity through the mobile phone system.

      Equity Acquisition of Fuzhou Sijie

      On November 30, EJH announced Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Area E Home Service Co., Ltd. is to acquire 51% equity interests of Fuzhou Sijie Cleaning Service Co., Ltd. Pingtan is an affiliated interest entity of the company, which will acquire the equity interest of Sijie Cleaning for cash. Hence, this will expand its household cleaning business to the public places cleaning market.

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