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      Enlivex (NASDAQ: ENLV) Announces Positive Result Of Allocetra In COVID-19 Patients - Stocks Telegraph

      By Hasnain R

      Published on

      October 1, 2020

      2:23 PM UTC

      Enlivex (NASDAQ: ENLV) Announces Positive Result Of Allocetra In COVID-19 Patients - Stocks Telegraph

      Enlivex Therapeutics Ltd. (NASDAQ: ENLV) has revealed today that the clinical trial of AllocetraTM has shown positive results in COVID-19 patients who were in critical condition. The company has conducted a clinical trial that included five patients, two patients were in critical condition and three patients were in severe condition. But following the treatment of Allocetra all the patients who were in critical and severe conditions were discharged from a hospital after an average of 5.5 days (severe) and 8.5 days (critical).

      The company has further disclosed that there were no severe adverse events were reported relating to the administration of AllocetraTM in the patients, and the therapy was well-tolerated. Other therapies such as plasma-based anti-bodies were used for the treatment of patients in moderate conditions while the company has treated COVID-19 patients who were in severe/critical condition with Allocetra.

      Enlivex Therapeutics Ltd. has believed that the treatment with Allocetra will fill the gap that currently exists in treating severe or critical COVID-19 patients. The biotechnology company revealed that it is planning to recruit more patients who are in severe/critical condition to further check the safety and efficacy of Allocetra after receiving regulatory approval.

      Enlivex Therapeutics Ltd. (NASDAQ: ENLV) shares were trading up 21.22 % at $5.94 at the time of writing on Wednesday. Enlivex Therapeutics Ltd.’s share price went from a low point around $3.59 to briefly over $28.40 in the past 52 weeks, though shares have since pulled back to $5.94. It has moved up 65.46% from its 52-weeks low and moved down -79.08% from its 52-weeks high. ENLV market cap has remained high, hitting $78.23M at the time of writing.

      Head of the Critical Care Medicine Unit at Hadassah Hospital in Israel, and the lead investigator of both the COVID-19 trial and a recently-executed Phase Ib clinical trial of AllocetraTM in sepsis patients, Prof. Vernon van Heerden revealed that the candidate of Enlivex has the potential to treat the COVID-19 patients who are in critical or severe condition. Prof. Vernon said that the five patients with COVID-19 and 10 patients with sepsis have shown the encouraging results in the phase 1b study of Allocetra.

      Enlivex revealed that it is a great opportunity for the company to contribute towards effort aimed at controlling the spread of novel coronavirus. The company will continue its struggle to combat the spread of COVID-19. It is anticipated that the Phase IIb trial of Allocetra will commence in the fourth quarter of the company.


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