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      ERYTECH Pharma Inc. (ERYP) stock surged during current market. Here’s the update: - Stocks Telegraph

      By Mahnoor Shah

      Published on

      November 30, 2021

      3:42 PM UTC

      ERYTECH Pharma Inc. (ERYP) stock surged during current market. Here’s the update: - Stocks Telegraph

      ERYTECH Pharma Inc. (NASDAQ: ERYP) stock gained by 14.82% in the current market trading session. ERYTECH is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical business focused on the development of novel red blood cell-based therapies for cancer and orphan illnesses. ERYTECH is creating a pipeline of targeted therapies for patients with significant unmet medical needs using its unique ERYCAPS platform, which uses a revolutionary method to encapsulate medicinal molecules inside red blood cells.

      ERYP stock’ Update

      ERYTECH Pharma has received US patent 11,141,468, which covers techniques for treating solid tumors with methioninase and asparaginase. ERYTECH presently has 16 international patent families with over 310 patents and 45 applications in its IP portfolio. ERYTECH’s proprietary red blood cell encapsulation technology (ERYCAPS), medicines for Oncology, Rare Metabolic Diseases, and Immune Modulation, as well as techniques for manufacturing Cargo-Loaded Red Cell Extracellular Vesicles, are all protected by these patent families (CLRCEV).

      ERYTECH’s continued innovation in the supply of secure and reliable enzymatic activity for limiting tumors of critical nutrients is highlighted in US 11,141,468, entitled “Method of treating a mammal, including human, against cancer using methionine and asparagine depletion.” In Europe, China, and Korea, related family members have now been permitted.

      According to the patent, ERYTECH scientists discovered that after earlier therapy with methioninase, some solid tumors, notably gastric cancer, were unusually sensitive to asparaginase treatment. While this study emphasizes the complexities of the overarching “tumor starving” strategy, it also indicates the strategy’s ability to weaken cancer cells, making them more vulnerable to lower doses of traditional chemotherapies. It’s worth noting that the claims apply to the treatment procedure regardless of whether the two enzymes are encapsulated in red blood cells.


      ERYTECH has a patent portfolio of more than 310 granted patents and over 45 pending patent applications comprising 16 patent families. These patent families cover ERYTECH’s patented red blood cell encapsulation technology, red cell-based clinical-stage oncology product candidates, preclinical initiatives in rare metabolic illnesses and immunological modulation, as well as techniques for creating cargo-loaded red cell-extracellular fluid.

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