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      EVERSCALE (EVER) – Where is it? - Stocks Telegraph

      By Ammar Mukhtar

      Published on

      December 29, 2021

      3:01 PM UTC

      EVERSCALE (EVER) – Where is it? - Stocks Telegraph

      Everscale (EVER) is a novel blockchain concept that combines a scalable decentralized global computer with a distributed operating system. It is to create a scalable decentralized world computer.

      Everscale is built on the EVER OS platform. It can handle millions of transactions per second and includes Turing-complete smart contracts and decentralized user interfaces.

      Everscale (EVER) has some novel and unique features. This includes dynamic multithreading, soft majority consensus, and distributed programming. These features make it scalable, fast, and secure all at once. Through the Soft Majority Voting protocol. It is controlled by a decentralized community centered on meritocratic ideas.

      Everscale’s (EVER) developer tools include compilers for Solidity and C++, SDKs and APIs, client libraries ported to over 20 languages and platforms, and a variety of decentralized browsers and wallets that support a wide range of DeFi, NFT, tokenization, and governance applications.

      Price Movement Everscale (EVER)

      According to coinmarketcap, the total supply of the coin is around 2.03B coins and all of them around 735M of the EVER are in circulation at the moment. It holds the 268th rank according to market cap and has negligible market dominance.

      At the time of writing EVER is being traded at the price of $0.3751. The price has increased by almost 21.4% in the last 24 hours. The maximum and minimum today are $0.3754 and $0.2999 respectively. The daily trading volume has increased by almost 146%. It had created its ATH in December 2021 and reached a price of almost $0.3754. On the weekly time frame, we can see that overall the price of the coin is moving for higher highs. In November and December, we have seen a massive increase in the price of EVER as well as this week.

      Price Prediction – EVERSCALE

      EVER is a bad investment and is going to provide minimum returns. Wallet investor considers EVER to be a really bad investment as well. According to them, in a year the price is expected to reach a value of $0.0325. This means that according to them, it is a bad investment. Traders on the other hand are very bullish on the price. They think that it wouldn’t be long before EVER goes on to create a new ATH.

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