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      Everything you need to Know about CatBoy (CATBOY) - Stocks Telegraph

      By Ammar Mukhtar

      Published on

      March 22, 2022

      12:58 PM UTC

      Everything you need to Know about CatBoy (CATBOY) - Stocks Telegraph

      Catboy is a community-led NFT project founded and built by fans of comic books, manga, anime, and pets. This token represents the spirit, unity, and sharing of meme, manga, and comic-loving communities all over the world. Aside from creating a strong community. Catboy is concerned with the project’s true worth. Introducing Catboy merchandise, a Catboy NFT marketplace, and establishing a global network of users to donate to feral cats and assist struggling cat owners. Catboy NFTs will be available in three different variations, each of which will grant exclusive access to merchandise by holding these NFTs.

      Catboy’s story begins with the Catboy Founder’s Edition Trading Cards. These NFTs can only be obtained by purchasing Catboy Mystery Boxes with Catboy Tokens. Each Mystery Box is a surprise box that reveals the minted Card when opened. There are 18 different Catboy character cards, each with a different level of rarity.

      Catboy’s smart contract creates a lottery with each mint of the Mystery Box, either burning the tokens used to purchase the NFT or collecting them into a pool to be used for staking rewards, giveaways, or future spending. These Founder Edition NFTs can be staked and will receive varying APRs based on their rarity level. They can also be bought and sold on Catboy’s NFT marketplace. Each of the Catboy universe’s 18 different characters has an exciting and unique backstory, as well as varying rarities based on the card’s border.

      Each of the 100 NFT profile pictures is matched to one of the Catboy characters and designed by Catboy’s highly skilled graphic artist. Saykun Edition owners have first dibs on Catboy Token’s presale. The holder of one or more of these NFTs has exclusive access to the Catboy Merchandise store. The holder will receive free t-shirts, necklaces, and accessories delivered to their home.

      In addition to these advantages, holders of these special Catboy NFTs have a better chance of winning exclusive contests via Twitter and Telegram. With Catboy’s DAPP, owning the Saykun NFT entitles the holder to stake the holder’s image in exchange for Catboy Tokens and other tokens, with varying APRs and APYs as rewards. Catboy’s NFT marketplace will make it simple for investors to buy and sell these NFTs. These Saykun Editon NFTs will also have an open policy, allowing the NFTs to mutate and change in the future of Catboy.

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