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      Exploring After-Hours Shifts: Focus on Doximity Inc. (DOCS)

      By Hasnain R

      Published on

      November 10, 2023

      7:32 AM UTC

      Exploring After-Hours Shifts: Focus on Doximity Inc. (DOCS)

      In the world of finance and investing, the after-hours movers often make headlines with their dynamic price adjustments that happen outside the standard US stock trading hours.

      One such noteworthy entity that has recently demonstrated significant after-hours performance and piqued the interest of investors is Doximity Inc. (DOCS).

      Company Profile

      About Doximity

      Doximity (DOCS) serves as a prominent digital platform catering to medical professionals in the United States.

      Since its establishment in 2010, the company has successfully linked more than 80% of U.S. physicians spanning various specialties and practice domains, establishing an extensive network of healthcare practitioners.

      The platform provides a diverse range of digital tools tailored for the medical sector, fostering collaboration among peers, delivering updates on recent medical developments and research, managing professional trajectories and on-call schedules, and facilitating virtual patient consultations.

      Leadership and Vision

      At the helm of Doximity is Jeff Tangney, the co-founder and CEO, who takes pride in the company’s mission of “making medicine mobile.”

      The platform has seen record engagement quarter after quarter, with more than 550,000 unique providers using its generative AI, telehealth, messaging, and scheduling workflow tools to provide better care for their patients.

      Stock Performance

      After-Hours Trading

      The stock’s recent activity reveals a significant increase in the after-hours trading session. Doximity’s stock experienced a substantial post-market change of +18.39%, closing at 24.27 USD. This marked an increase of 3.77 USD, with a robust post-market volume of 1.007 million shares.

      Regular Trading Session

      During the regular trading session, the price settled at 20.50 USD, indicating a change of -2.71%, with a trading volume of 3.391 million shares.

      Market Capitalization

      Doximity’s market capitalization currently stands at 3.992 billion USD. However, the company’s performance over the past year has encountered challenges, reflecting a -10.71% decline.


      Investors and market enthusiasts continually look to after-hours movers like Doximity for potentially profitable opportunities. The recent performance of the company positions it as a stock worth monitoring in the months ahead.

      Nevertheless, prudent investors should conduct comprehensive research to grasp the company’s financial robustness and market standing before making any investment decisions.

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