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      Extended Session Recovery In Soluna (SLNH) Stock

      By Fahim Awan

      Published on

      December 8, 2023

      9:04 AM UTC

      Extended Session Recovery In Soluna (SLNH) Stock

      Soluna Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: SLNH) shares embarked on an upward trajectory during the extended session, experiencing a notable 6.65% surge to attain a trading value of $3.53. This positive movement served as a recovery for Soluna stock, effectively mitigating the earlier 7.28% loss incurred during regular-hour trades, bringing the stock to $3.31. The impetus behind this surge in SLNH stock was the company’s active involvement in a significant event.

      The CEO of Soluna, John Belizaire, delivered a live presentation yesterday at the Hybrid US Climate Investor Conference. This event unfolded at the Water Tower Research within the OTC Markets Group offices, with a simultaneous live stream available at

      Soluna has recently completed the registration process for Ancillary Services, a strategic move aimed at diversifying its revenue streams. The inclusion of Ancillary Services in Project Dorothy represents a pivotal milestone in SLNH’s revenue diversification strategy, introducing a new dimension to its business flywheel.

      The underlying principle of Soluna’s business model revolves around capitalizing on data centers through diverse avenues to optimize returns on invested capital, thereby ensuring superior returns for investors at the project level. The integration of Ancillary Services expands this model by introducing a third driving force.

      The juxtaposition of Soluna’s data center colocation with a wind farm is emblematic of responsible energy practices and a forward-thinking approach, enhancing grid resilience and augmenting the penetration of renewable energy. This holistic approach yields benefits in three critical dimensions: Grid Resilience, Revenue Diversification, and Wind Farm Energy Utilization.

      Soluna has enrolled in ERCOT’s Demand Response Program, solidifying its role as a significant contributor to intelligent and flexible energy solutions, with positive implications for both the environment and the economy of Texas. This strategic move positions Soluna to generate over $10/MWh in additional revenue for Project Dorothy, reinforcing grid resilience and potentially reducing power costs to below $20/MWh. This achievement places Soluna among the industry’s most cost-effective players.

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