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      Financial Performance Drove Lindsay (LNN) Stock Up

      By Fahim Awan

      Published on

      October 20, 2023

      1:40 PM UTC

      Financial Performance Drove Lindsay (LNN) Stock Up

      The shares of Lindsay Corporation (NYSE: LNN) concluded the preceding trading session with a noteworthy gain of 14.65%, settling at a closing price of $122.58. Lindsay (LNN) shares exhibited robust trading activity, with approximately 0.48 million of its shares changing hands throughout the day. This impressive upswing in value transpired subsequent to the public disclosure of its financial performance report.

      Lindsay (LNN) shared how well it did financially for the last part of 2023 and the whole year until August 31, 2023. During the final quarter of fiscal 2023, they generated $167.1 million in income, marking a $23.1 million decline compared to the corresponding period the prior year, constituting a 12 percent reduction.

      Their earnings from operational activities amounted to $23.4 million, exhibiting a decrease of $4.4 million from previous numbers, signifying a 16 percent drop. Following the deduction of all costs and taxes, their net profit stood at $19.2 million, translating to $1.74 for every company share. In the prior year, their earnings reached $17.9 million, which equated to $1.62 per share.

      For the full fiscal year 2023, LNN disclosed revenues of $674.1 million, reflecting a $96.7 million dip from the previous year, marking a 13 percent reduction. Their yearly operational income totaled $102.2 million, presenting a $7.5 million upturn compared to the previous year, denoting an 8 percent rise.

      Their total earnings for fiscal 2023 summed up to $72.4 million, resulting in $6.54 per share. In contrast, the preceding year witnessed earnings of $65.5 million, equating to $5.94 per share.

      LNN also made an announcement that their Board of Directors unanimously consented to bestow a cash dividend of $0.35 per share to the shareholders. They will get this dividend on November 30, 2023, if they were on the company’s list on November 16, 2023.

      Lindsay’s robust quarterly results showcased expansion in the global irrigation sectors, spearheaded by South America, with Brazil, in particular, achieving an all-time high in revenue for the fourth quarter. The request for irrigation machinery in North America remained stable during the fourth quarter, aligning seamlessly with LNN’s projected outcomes.

      The unparalleled fourth quarter operating income and operating margin in the irrigation segment serve as a testament to adept price management and operational excellence. Additionally, it underscores the ramifications of augmenting geographical diversity via calculated growth initiatives in international markets.

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