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      Have $500? These 3 Stocks Are Screaming Buys Now - Stocks Telegraph

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      July 1, 2022

      7:24 AM UTC

      Have $500? These 3 Stocks Are Screaming Buys Now - Stocks Telegraph

      Who doesn’t like a classic ‘rags to riches’ story? We love to look up to individuals that turned their pennies into an entire fortune worth admiring. Fortunately, the stock market holds the opportunity for such goals to be pursued. Those investors with a robust strategy, strong macroeconomic and market foresight, and also a bit of luck could indeed turn a small initial investment into something quite lucrative over time. Of all the fundamental factors that are required for this outcome to be achieved, the most critical is picking the right stocks. This is where most market participants hit a wall, and could even see their capital dwindle. Fortunately, we bring to you some of the best stocks you could invest a modest $500 savings into, which would result in an extremely valuable portfolio some years down the road. These three stocks are your best bets to start with.

      Stock #1: Mullen Automotive Inc

      The first stock we present is that of the emerging EV company, Mullen Automotive Inc. (NASDAQ: MULN). Investing $500 into MULN at the present date would result in the ownership of 467 shares in the company. This is incredibly cheap at the moment, especially when considering the promising growth trajectory of the company.

      MULN is a stock that has seen major ups and downs throughout its trading period. Presently, it is trading 92% below its share price a year ago. The year has evidently not been the best for shareholders. However, we believe that steady and stable growth for the stock is an inevitability. Electric vehicles are the future of road travel, and Mullen Automotive stands positioned to drive forward this change.

      For one, during the second quarter of 2022, Mullen announced its battery test results which were beyond impressive. Previously, the company reported values of 300 ampere-hours at 3.7 volts. Results from the Battery Innovation Center in Indiana demonstrated Mullen’s capability of over 343 ampere-hours at 4.2 volts. What these figures translate to in layperson terms is an incredible efficiency enhancement in Mullen’s solid-state polymer cell. This would allow the Mullen FIVE EV Crossover to cover a whopping 600 miles on a full charge. A breakthrough such as this is an indication that the company, despite its small size, is covering ground in the dynamic EV domain.

      Following these incredible battery technology results, the management has delivered breakthrough announcements. The company plans on collaborating with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). This effectively expands the company’s earning streams through different segments to a significant degree. Mullen has explicitly announced its ambitions to share its technology with everyone through a licensing structure. This would effectively make it similar to the concept followed by Bluetooth.

      A Major Upcoming Positive Catalyst

      CEO David Michery had also revealed that he was in talks with “a major, major Fortune 500 customer”. The deal supposedly involves a hefty order for electric vehicle vans for delivery purposes. When this announcement was made in March 2022, MULN prices rocketed by 35%. Thereafter, Michery has consistently reiterated his company’s commitment to the deal, time and time again. Other statements by the management indicate that progress towards the deal has been ongoing for over a year. Shareholders anticipate a major press release in July 2022.

      The breakthroughs discussed above significantly boost the likelihood of Mullen becoming a formidable player in the future EV market. Its present low price makes it extremely attractive to buy now and hold for the long term. Once the EV concept approaches the mainstream, MULN stocks would be very highly-priced.

      Stock #2: Nvidia

      Up next, we present the graphic card manufacturer and computing and networking solutions provider, Nvidia Corporation (NASDAQ: NVDA). This is a company that has attained market leadership in a short span of time, whilst showcasing an impressive 5-year CAGR of 25%. As a result of this stellar performance, the company successfully dethroned the processing giant, Intel Corporation (NASDAQ: INTC). The most impressive part about this rise is that this achievement had come in some of the toughest macroeconomic conditions seen. Despite this epic growth seen, NVDA is still far from its peak maturity.

      Investing $500 into NVDA would return over 3 shares in the company. This remains highly promising considering the company’s future outlook. For one, the various business segments the company has established are likely to become highly lucrative in the coming years. These would result in recurrent and high-profit margin revenue streams that are likely to drive exponential growth. These segments include Enterprise AI, Ge-Force Now, as well as Omniverse. Each of these dynamic cash-generating units will be extremely critical in the next decade.

      Entering the AI Growth Zone

      What is far more promising than any of the company’s business segments is its commitment to AI. More specifically, Nvidia aims to democratize AI and essentially remove technical barriers to its usage. This is a vision that would likely prove to be a gamechanger if implemented. The move would give AI access to all sizes of businesses to achieve operational optimization. The business model would entail Nvidia selling its license to customers. Nvidia aims at selling these licensed AI-based packages that would be mission-critical to firms. Unlike what Salesforce, Microsoft, and Adobe do, Nvidia’s packages would be bundled up and ready to use. In the future, this concept could essentially make Nvidia the Google of the AI world.

      These prospects make NVDA highly promising, and simply too good to ignore in the present opportunity. Even a handful of its shares now could likely be extremely valuable a few decades down the line.

      Stock #3: Clearway Energy Inc.

      The best way to go big is to go green. Looking at the direction of the macrotrends, green energy is proving to be a force one can simply not ignore. In this spirit, a great stock to invest in is Clearway Energy Inc. (NASDAQ: CWEN).

      When it comes to renewables you cannot choose a better pick than CWEN, because it is a stock that has its sights focused on all the high-promise domains. Investing $500 in CWEN now would equate to 14 stocks. There is no telling as to how high this beast will fly a few decades later. 14 stocks of CWEN could be extremely valuable by then.

      The company essentially operates as a yieldco that owns and manages its portfolio of renewable assets. At present this portfolio holds 7.7 gigawatts of renewable energy through different facilities. To put this figure into context, 7.7 GW of energy is equivalent to the electricity needs of eight million households for up to a year.

      Electricity through these renewable facilities is then transmitted to corporations, utility companies, as well as government agencies. The business model is based on long-term fixed contracts. Moreover, CWEN presently holds an incredibly impressive dividend yield at 4.4%. Reinvesting these dividends back into the stock could result in exceptional growth over the years.

      A Promising Partnership

      What is most promising about CWEN’s growth is the company’s recent partnership with the French oil & gas giant, TotalEnergies (TTE). The oil major has been delving into the clean energy space for nearly a decade now and has achieved a major head start over competing oil giants.

      The partnership is a win-win for both sides, as it allows TTE to massively enhance its sustainability prospects. However, it offers immense growth opportunities to CWEN which would gain access to the giant’s power trading capability in the US market. It would also see an increase of  25GW of renewable energy to its existing portfolio.

      All these signs point to an epic growth tale that is on the verge of getting started. Cashing in on this opportunity now would be the best time to see monumental growth in a few decades.


      Every major fortune has a humble point of initiation. This article presents the opportunity for you to invest a mere $500 into some of the most promising stocks from the most sustainable sectors. The present macroeconomic winds point to an immense buy opportunity. With stocks entering a bear market, even the most promising are trading at heavy discounts. This is evidently the best time to make modest spending on some of the highest potential stocks.