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      Revolutionizing Cardiac Testing: Heart Test Laboratories

      By Hasnain R

      Published on

      November 16, 2023

      9:53 AM UTC

      Revolutionizing Cardiac Testing: Heart Test Laboratories

      Heart Test Laboratories Inc (HSCS), also known as HeartSciences, is making waves in the US stock market with its recent premarket activity. The company’s standing as one of the most active premarket movers showcases the significant investor interest in its AI-powered medical technology.

      While the current price stands at 0.1500 USD, there was a remarkable pre-market change of 0.0481 USD, equivalent to an impressive 26.74% increase.

      This surge in pre-market activity indicates a notable shift from the previous closing price. Let’s dig deeper into this development and its implications.

      HeartSciences: A Focus on Transformative ECG Technology

      HeartSciences (HSCS) is at the forefront of utilizing AI technology to revolutionize ECGs/EKGs. The company’s primary aim is to save lives through the earlier detection of heart disease.

      Their device, the MyoVista® wavECG™, has been selected by Cardiact Ltd for use in its heart screening program.

      This program is geared towards the Association of Garda Sergeants and Inspectors (AGSI), a representative body for sergeants and inspectors of the Garda Síochána, Ireland’s national police service.

      “AI-ECG is beginning to see mainstream acceptance and we are excited to see this new screening program which further validates the enormous commercial opportunity for the MyoVista® and the role of AI-ECG in preventative testing.” – Andrew Simpson, CEO of HeartSciences

      The screening program is set to commence on November 27, 2023, across Ireland. The program also includes a new referral pathway directly to cardiology, thus strengthening the preventative testing approach.

      Recent Highlights: A Series of Positive Developments

      HeartSciences’ recent successes extend beyond the partnership with Cardiact Ltd.

      The company has also entered into an agreement with the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, providing HeartSciences with what it believes to be the largest AI-based ECG algorithm portfolio of any commercial organization.

      Furthermore, the creation of a new FDA product classification for AI-ECG algorithms is expected to streamline and expedite the clearance process under the 510(k) process.

      These recent highlights not only validate the company’s direction but also position it as a significant player in the AI-ECG industry.

      About HeartSciences

      HeartSciences is a medical technology company focused on expanding and improving an ECG’s clinical usefulness through innovative AI-based technology.

      The company’s first product candidate for FDA clearance is the MyoVista® wavECG™, a 12-lead ECG designed to provide diagnostic information related to cardiac dysfunction.

      The business model involves the use of the MyoVista® device and consumables for each test, with the electrodes used being proprietary to HeartSciences.

      This model is expected to follow a “razor-razorblade” approach, with new electrodes required for every test performed.

      In conclusion,

      HeartSciences’ recent surge as one of the premarket movers in the stock market underscores the potential for its AI-powered ECG technology. As it continues to make positive strides in its field, it remains a company to watch in the healthcare sector.

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