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      HOOKIPA Pharma Inc. (HOOK) stock is down in aftermarket – What’s influencing it? - Stocks Telegraph

      By Mahrukh Rehan

      Published on

      December 6, 2021

      7:37 AM UTC

      HOOKIPA Pharma Inc. (HOOK) stock is down in aftermarket – What’s influencing it? - Stocks Telegraph

      HOOKIPA Pharma Inc. (HOOK) experienced a decrease of  5.82% in the aftermarket. However, the last trading session closed at $2.92 with a decline of 7.01%.

      JMP Securities Hematology and Oncology Summit

      HOOK announced on 3rd December 2021 that the company’s management team will take part to attend virtual investor meetings and speak at The JMP Securities Hematology and Oncology Summit on December 6-7, 2021.

       Third Quarter 2021 Results – What’s up?

      HOOK reported third-quarter 2021 results on 10th November 2021. The company had $82.7 million in cash and cash equivalents. Moreover, the revenue came out to be $3.9 million. Moreover, general, and administrative costs came out to be $4.3 million. The drop was mostly attributable to lower labor costs and lower professional and consulting fees.

      The drop in personnel-related expenses was primarily due to lower stock compensation costs. They were somewhat offset by higher headcount and salaries in our general and administrative operations. Lastly, HOOK reported a net loss of $20.0 million, more than the net loss of $13.6 million for the same period in 2020. The rise was mostly due to increased research and development activity at HOOK.

      HB-200 program – Newest Updates

      On 9th November 2021, HOOK announced that HB-201 has been advanced to Phase 2, where it will be tested in conjunction with pembrolizumab as a first- or second-line therapy for squamous cell head and neck malignancies. Moreover, the company reported that HOOK has begun a Phase 2 research to evaluate HB-201 in combination with pembrolizumab. In advanced head and neck cancer, interim Phase 1 HB-200 findings continue to indicate significant numbers of tumor-specific CD8+ T cells, promising early anti-tumor activity and a tolerable tolerability profile.

      Furthermore, HOOK is developing an immuno-oncology pipeline for a variety of diseases, including HB-300 for prostate cancer and HB-700 for KRAS-mutated tumors. Last but not least, the company is investigating collaboration prospects for continuing development of HB-101 after interim Phase 2 findings reveal consistent immunogenicity, tolerance, and decrease in CMV viremia in kidney transplant patients.

      About HOOK

      HOOK is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing innovative immunotherapies that mobilize and enhance specific T cells and antibodies. This will help fight or prevent catastrophic illness. Moreover, HOOK is working on a number of possible first-in-class arenaviral immunotherapies for cancer and infectious illness. The company is developing arenaviral treatments that produce strong antigen-specific CD8+ T cells.

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