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      Hottest ICO and Airdrop Opportunities Available - Stocks Telegraph

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      November 8, 2022

      3:44 PM UTC

      Last Updated on

      November 10, 2022

      3:50 AM UTC

      Hottest ICO and Airdrop Opportunities Available - Stocks Telegraph

      Active ICOs


      The ICO for ECO (ECOX) is making quite a disruption in the market and is expected to come to a close later today. The token sale has reeled in a staggering $35 million sum for the project.

      As a service, ECO is a compelling concept that seeks to cut away the clutter and complexity that typically defines blockchain solutions. ECO is a highly simplified, and user-friendly service, which displays a single balance figure. ECO offers double the yield of that of a conventional checking account.

      Crypto Pirates

      Crypto Pirates (PST) is a captivating P2E NFT game featuring space pirates. Players that hold the relevant NFTs will be granted access to this captivating world and will hold the opportunity to begin the pirate’s journey of glory and riches. The game has been gaining an interesting fan following, given the rich concept it offers. There is much appeal to exploring the deep space, and collecting valuables, as well as battling it out with competing pirate ships to win big.

      The ICO has pulled in $340,000 of its initial $520,000 target, with an additional two days to go.


      Another ICO that is on everyone’s mind right now is the governance token, Hashflow (HFT). This blockchain protocol allows its holders to earn passive income in a capital-efficient manner, and with a pricing strategy of their choice. The most compelling point of appeal with HFT is its zero-fee trading system. Hashflow uses Bitcoin algorithms to make transactions MEV-resistant and protects against sandwich attacks and frontrunning. Even though this token sale will stretch till December, a staggering $28.2 million has already been raised.

      Upcoming ICOs


      GoatFi (GFI) is the next big crypto concept, which aims to become a favorite among football fans. At its core, GFI is a card trading game, but at a deeper level, it offers so much more. It combines NFTs with P2E gaming, as well as SocialFi. The most exciting aspect of GoatFi is that real-life player performance, in the world cup, will influence NFT collection points.

      The ICO is set to start in the coming weekend and has already received $1.26 million in funding, and its $750,000 target has been raised to over $2 million.


      The VJRAM metaverse platform is another highly anticipated ICO, which will begin by next week. It has already reeled in a sum of $2.75 million against its $3.75 million target, with the hype around it expected to surge as the token sale launches.

      VJRAM is designed to be an ultra-immersive and social experience for both players and spectators. The world is accessible by VR devices, with VJRAM being the in-game cryptocurrency of use. Project developers aim to list the VJRAM coin on global crypto exchanges after its launch, to boost its meta-economy.


      The LasMeta (LASM) ICO is another one to keep on your radar, as its proving to be quite promising, based on the chatter surrounding the project. Having raised $680,000 of its $2.52 million target, LASM is aiming for success on its token sale initiation on the 16th of November.

      LASM is a P2E poker game, set in a metaverse platform. The project is built on the Ethereum blockchain and is entirely community-driven. It seeks to maximize the fun of a traditional poker experience through immersive virtual reality.

      Ended ICOs

      Quoll Finance

      After meeting its full fundraising target of $500,000, the Quoll Finance (QUO) ICO had come to a close last week.

      QUO holders can take advantage of a premium and stabilized yield that is capable of producing long-term alpha. The veToken concept, which has a successful track record of governance on both Ethereum and Avalanche, serves as the foundation for this blockchain service’s operation and offers a superior value proposition and token distribution.

      Bictory Finance

      The Bictory Finance (BT) ICO was another that ended on a spectacular note yesterday and raised an incredible $12.02 million sum against a $150,000 goal.

      The BT project is essentially an inclusive token acting as a cross-chain ecosystem. Within the wider ecosystem, BT intends to serve as a one-stop shop token that can be used for all of the holder’s needs. The user-centric focus of the token and the cutting-edge web3 technologies provided in an open ecosystem truly elevate Bictory to a favorite among enthusiasts. This explains the astronomical success of its token sale.

      Hottest Airdrops

      Houndrace Airdrop

      1. Go to the Houndrace contest page.
      2. Enter your information to register.
      3. Now finish quick tasks and gain entries.
      4. To attain eligibility for this giveaway, make sure to collect at least 120 entries.
      5. Join daily for new challenges and more entries.
      6. There will be a total of 38 contestants chosen, and the first-place winner will get 5 Houndrace NFTs and 90 USDT, the second-place winner will receive 4 Houndrace NFTs and 50 USDT, and the third-place winner will receive 3 Houndrace NFTs and 30 USDT. Users in positions 4 through 9 will receive two Houndrace NFTs and ten USDT apiece, while users in positions 10 through 38 will receive one Houndrace NFT and ten USDT each.

      Huobi Global Airdrop

      1. Make an account for Huobi through its official website.
      2. Complete the KYC verification process.
      3. All entrants trading NEW spot pairs during the course of the event will have the opportunity to share between 21.5 million NEW tokens. The prize pool will be directly proportional to the trading volumes in the spot volume.
      4. For an additional winning opportunity with Huobi Global, check out the event page.
      5. Those meeting the trade criteria standards could win a chance to share the $1 million prize pool.

      FTX Airdrop

      1. Register on the official FTX homepage.
      2. Through this referral link, you can save up to 5% in transaction fee
      3. Ensure that your account is verified according to KYC level two.
      4. Tap on the gift button on the official website or app, and enter the promotional code, “FTXF1AD”. This will allow you to claim an exclusive NFT.
      5. The previous step will automatically place you into a prize pool, which gives you the opportunity to win two tickets to the F1 Grand Prix 2022 held in Abu Dhabi.
      6. For detailed information regarding this airdrop, you may consult this article.

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